Mama Hummingbird


In May 2014, my observant daughter spotted a hummingbird one evening. The bird was barely alive. and blended in with the bark of a large tree that sits right outside our front door. We took the failing fledgling inside, fed her and kept her warm. The baby bird slept through the night in a small container and small washcloth blanket my daughter prepared. It was one of the most touching, heart-centered moments of my life. It brought me right our of the circumstances of life, the circumstances you sometimes let steal our joy. The hummingbird became my animal totem after that night, I went outside the next morning, let baby bird sip nectar from nearby flowers and she flew up and perched proudly high up on a wall. I hoped and believed she wouldn’t fall again. When my daughter and I came back out to head to school, the tiny bird had found freedom. She was gone.


It was symbolic, of course. The Universe, Mother Nature, or God does things like that,  If you pay attention to the symbols rather than seeing simply what is in front of you, your life will make more sense. There was another hummingbird story I heard later, one which I found explains my own path. When I heard this, I found so much relief., listen here to Elizabeth Gilbert.

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