Mama Hummingbird

Why “Mama Hummingbird?”

My daughter spotted a hummingbird one evening. The bird was barely alive. We took it inside, fed her, kept her warm, and she stayed through the night in a small container near my bed. It was one of the most touching, heart-centered, and nature loving moments of my life. It brought me right our of the circumstances, the busy-ness, the loss of joy. The hummingbird became my animal totem after that night, I let her go the next morning, perched up on a wall. I hoped she wouldn’t fall again. When my daughter came back out to head to school, the tiny bird had found freedom.

It was symbolic, of course. The Universe, God, does things like that, kind of like this article. Perfectly explains me… the hummingbird story and why I am “Mama Hummingbird.”¬† When I heard this, I found so much relief… Elizabeth Gilbert.

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