How to overcome limitations and let go of expectation

I was recently published for an article regarding the Aurora shootings and will post the article on my website soon.  I love to write.  I also get passionate when I am researching.  There is no other rush than that of being creative and having it all come together.  Deepak Chopra talks about this in a lecture to IIN students as he reviews the theory of Discontinuity.  He said that part of this process is uncertainty and that when we are uncertain it becomes the basis for creativity.  This makes a lot of sense for me personally at this moment.

Jason McElwain, autistic,  hopes to run the Boston Marathon in 2014. Photo and story from


I decided to come to Arizona for a change. I didn’t run away from anything and I didn’t come to Arizona with a big plan. Rather, I took a quantum leap. I decided it was time to put myself directly in the face of uncertainty with the Universe as my home. I don’t mean this in a strange, goofy way. I mean it when I say, the Universe is my home. This is due to the fact that I am a spiritual being in a human body. I am having an Earthly experience and its meaning continually unfolds. I also appreciate the ability to connect and learn from others. I watch people, read or listen to their stories and revel in the fact that all types of people have all types of potential as well as the ability to do and go wherever they want. There are too many examples of persons who have made the odds happen. We easily forget all the good news, the miracles, the persons with a strong will towards using their talents and dreams on Earth. Throughout this article you will notice some.

esref-armaganBlind artist Esref Armagon from Turkey.   Photo and story at


Headline, Young entrepreneur’s dream comes true in Botswana.  The young 19 year old states that he has had a dream of being an entrepreneur since childhood and that looking for a job was just “a poor man’s way of thinking and looking at life.”  We wish this man the best of success in his work towards his dream.  There are other examples, Iyanla Vanzant who started out in the projects and now is a mega spiritual leader and has been featured on Oprah, or Howard Schultz who grew up in the Brooklyn projects before leading Starbucks, or John Leguizamo, from many projects and neighborhoods in Queens and New York who has grown to be a brilliant actor and comic.  Or, perhaps we can look to another country, such as India, where Maniram Sharma, deaf, who won a 15 year battle with the Civil Service and justice prevails!  It can be easy to find this type of inspiration.  It could be right next door.  I have a blind neighbor who fascinates me.  She listens to music most of the time and catches the lastest sports from her iphone and sits in the dark.  She is this upbeat and wonderful conversationalist and has a job and takes the bus every day for her commute. She inspires me!

Limitation is in our thinking but not a part of our being.  Our being is full of endless potential.  Whenever we feel or think we cannot do something we are creating that reality and oppositely when we say we can do something, and think we can do it and feel that we can do it we change the reality.  This is so hard for all of us to comprehend.  We have all been trained to think, especially right now, that the economy is bad, therefore we cannot get a job, or our stocks will not go up or we aren’t going to buy a house or get a good deal on a credit card because of the economy.  While there is a shift in the economy as shown in numbers and jobs from certain organizations, and some businesses have closed their doors, and buildings sit empty I also see a lot of money and potential in the world, a whirlwind of opportunity.  There are millions of people throughout the world that are gathering their resources – physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually and making miracles happen.  They are shifting their focus, and thus shifting their reality.  There is always more good happening in the Universe.


Rankin Paynter buys out store and donates to charity

We need to learn to let go of expectation as many of us continually think of the worst or what we cannot do.  It takes a lot of training to be open to the Universe.  Monks, yogis and others train for lifetimes.  As my good friend Joyce says, “I hope I never say one day that I know it all.”   There is power in not knowing, a deep wisdom in this place of nothingness. Eckhart Tolle is one of the advocates of this.  He says “the root cause of suffering is non-surrender…” and during a recent conversation with Oprah (exactly what I was talking about above) as far our thoughts getting carried away with worse-case scenarios and imagining that our lives will end up worse, he eloquently explains, “…when you connect with stillness, you also connect with a creative intelligence that is higher than analytical thinking.” Stillness, silence, disconnection from expectation.


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Much luck on your Path to Wellness. Namaste.

Cynthia Djengue, BA, MSW, CHC

Holistic Coach

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