Why Being Brave is Essential to Self Love. Self Love Sunday.

It’s Self Love Sunday and I’ve been on a “diet” and have had some results. As of today about 16 pounds lost. It feels good. So, I decided to take one of those mirror-in-the-bathroom-selfies. But, I also decided to do it somewhat naked. Well, naked all the way, really.

I did something similar before. I posted a picture of me in my swimsuit last year, claiming my comfort with myself regardless of size. As a holistic coach, actually certified in integrative nutrition, it had been an exercise in directing potential negativity back in the perception of other, rather than directing it towards myself. I refuse to feel bad about myself because of extra weight, even though there is much pressure to not always accept ourselves as is.

Putting the picture of myself in a swimsuit last year felt brave. I felt sexy and confident yet was somewhat worried about what others might think, especially ‘certain others’. But, I had a tremendous response and realized my efforts were necessary for my own self love growth process. This most recent public share (below) of body, flesh and nudity was a bit different, but also necessary. In a women’s group it received 300 likes and on my own page over 90. The comments I received publicly and privately were what really made it feel like the right thing to do, especially for other women.

You see, I have struggled with weight for a number of reasons and for a number of years, most of my life. Regardless of what persons tell you, or I, weight and wellness is not just about working out at a gym or eating a specific diet. Nutrition and diet help, but if you don’t have the ability to be brave, you may not ever lose the weight, get into a swimsuit again, or strip in front of your new boyfriend at age 46. All of that takes bravery.

Being brave means not only doing something that makes you feel a tinge of fear but it is an action that may even take your breath away a bit. Being brave is something you do with intention, you have a reason to do it, is non-egoic, and is a necessary part of your self love growth process. I’ve seen people who appear to be brave but I’ve sensed it comes from a place of ego rather than authenticity. That type of bravery feels less about growth and more about popularity, adrenaline, or addiction to crossing boundaries.

So, how is self love with bravery different? Self love is consistently described by myself as “Taking care of your desires and wellness.” Desires are inspired by God. When you are Brave, you are igniting your connection to Spirit, consciousness, or God. I feel bravery is a direct result of inspiration – being inspired – in spirit. When you act on an inspiration, it is often your highest form of self expression, an expression of Spirit and divinity eternal.

Many men and women have been so brave as to be heroic in their act, receiving accolades and publicity. Many are brave without any recognition at all. But, the movement of bravery and self love often go together. As you experiment with self expressions and find a balance, the results are recognized and others are truly inspired (sense Spirit in you and themselves). Some will want to be near you, they sense your vibe, they want to absorb the bravery, which is really Spirit all around you and them.

Thus, when I post a photo and feel love and support, stand in front of the mirror and feel proud of myself, or receive emails from women who desire to feel the same way as I do, it’s inspiration at work.

It has caused me to look more deeply into what women, and my clients, need. You need a fellow Spirit woman, who has felt the same way you have, been able to overcome all the doubt, negative self-talk and show up naked. Stripped down of ego, protective barriers removed, and vulnerability as the only clothing. You like this woman, want to be this woman, and are inspired by this woman.

This woman is you. We can work together to find her.

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8 Replies to “Why Being Brave is Essential to Self Love. Self Love Sunday.”

  1. I love how brave you are! I still struggle with this. I’m not where I want to be so I cover up. I hide into clothes I feel don’t show off my flaws. You are an inspiration.

    1. I didn’t get here fast and easy. It’s taken a lot of tools and inner strength, resilience I probably created as a child. I work with women like you who want that inner strength regardless of outer influence. Feel free to contact me on the contact page!

  2. You are one fierce woman! Good for you for loving yourself and being brave enough to share that with the world… we all need to practice this. Thanks for inspiring some extra bravery in me today xo

  3. Love the courage and self-love here! I think it is so empowering, especially since you are able to inspire others. We have one body. Period. It is so important to embrace and love it as is. <3 Thank you for being an inspiration!

  4. I loved this post.. I loved so many little parts of what you said. The fact that our bravery comes with intention and a true, innocent desire to love ourselves authentically without ego is such a powerful thing. That really resonated with me today because today I signed up to do some interviews this summer that will put me completely out of my comfort zone. I have noticed that in keeping myself in my safe space, I am not loving and believing in myself. I want to abandon this mentality and step into my greatness. This is my way of shedding my clothing. I know that I am putting myself out there to gain more respect for myself, not for what others might think of me. Thank you for making this all that much clearer for me today.

  5. Self love needs bravery – Amen to that! Thanks for being such a great example of self love and working daily on self focus.

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