What it means to Shine… Self Love Sunday

What it Means to Shine

Whether it be a statement – political or artistic – or simply an expression, there is not a loss for places or parts to express one self. Alternate sources are no longer hidden. The world has become a culture of expression, perhaps mirroring the possibility that we are in the Age of Aquarius, heralding independence and individualism as well as a sense of collective experience that pushes us toward deeper humanity.  But, what does it mean to shine?

Many of you think you already know how to shine. Social media has likely become one outlet that helps you to feel like a unique addition to the world, a place where you can express, emote, share and connect with others. Some of you want more. You want success, sales, contracts, and relationships to signal abundance. Some will have a massive amount of fame, even if it lasts only for a few days. The challenge is to know the difference between ego vs. spiritual driven paths. Some people shine without any recognition at all.

One thing I have noticed as a Coach and entrepreneur over the years is that being brightly lit doesn’t feel comfortable to everyone. It can feel uncomfortable to both the person shining brightly as well as those in the shadows. This is especially true in our New Age, holistic, spiritual, and idealized egalitarian subcultures. Someone who shines brightly appears to outshine others… this isn’t fair, some think; that isn’t spiritual, some blame; that doesn’t feel good to me, some may complain. Others simply walk away, find another stage, decide on alternate expression. Still others, most likely the ones in your life, are telling you, “I LOVE your light!” because they realize it’s a reflection of them, of God.

i love your light

With these deeper questions, the New Age movement doesn’t always have your answers. The New Age movement appears to provide more thought process and mental forms of response rather than simple power and grace – that kind you feel in church, or when in an abundant cathedral of fall leaves on tall pines on top of a mountain. The New Age movement mistakenly tells you that we are supposed to shine brightly, be successful at all times, be in abundance of abundance and then share all this feel-good energy with others. But, many of you are not wealthy, prosperous, or famous.

Your purpose could be to be ordinary and some are deeply troubled with this. But, to be more like God is knowing you are dark, embracing the darkness, and coming into the Light. You will no longer be afraid to shine your light and share your light. Caroline Myss calls a true healer, a VERY rare person, and “they have the grace running through them and your illness is gone… {These people} can start a healing process that can create a miracle. [They can also] make someone better.” Shining our light, then, can prove to be miracles for others, could heal others, heal ourselves, and change our surroundings.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself:

How do I shine without out-shining others?

Wayne Dyer said, “Take the road of seeing the face of God in everyone you encounter. Look for something to appreciate in others, and be willing to communicate it to them and anyone who’s willing to listen. When you see this quality in others, you’ll soon begin to realize that this potential is available to all of humanity. This obviously includes you. Recognizing genius in yourself is an integral part of the dynamic.” Of course. Remembering to see God in all faces is the best reminder that everyone can shine, including myself.

How can I shine in a way that I inspire others?

Krishnamurti said, “Creation can only take place when the mind-heart is still, and not caught in the net of becoming. The open passivity to reality is not the result of craving with its will and conflict… We are in conflict and sorrow but we, too, have occasional moments of the immensity of truth. Then momentarily we forget ourselves, but soon we are back into our daily turmoil, blunting and hardening our mind-heart. The mind-heart is never still; if it is, it is the silence of weariness, but such a state is not the silence of understanding, of wisdom. This creative, expectant emptiness is not brought about by will or by desire; it comes into being when conflict of the self ceases.” Krishnamurti reminds you that you continue to separate yourself from God who always is, always now, always here, always you.

teaching course in miracles

If I have the purpose to shine, how will I know?

“The peace of God is shining in you now, and from your heart extends around the world. It pauses to caress each living thing, and leaves a blessing with it that remains forever and forever. What it gives must be eternal. It removes all thoughts of the ephemeral and valueless. It brings renewal to all tired hearts, and lights all vision as it passes by. All of its gifts are given everyone, and everyone unites in giving thanks to you who give, and you who have received.

The shining in your mind reminds the world of what it has forgotten, and the world restores the memory to you as well. From you salvation radiates with gifts beyond all measure, given and returned. To you, the giver of the gift, does God Himself give thanks. And in His blessing does the light in you shine brighter, adding to the gifts you have to offer to the world.”

  • Course in Miracles, Lesson 188

On this Self Love Sunday, realize that your shine is less about what others see and feel or how you see yourselves through others. It is becoming more free, more humble, more self aware, and more courageous. Self Love is simply realizing the love you are, not the love you hope to gain for your Ego. True Self Love brings you closer to the realization of purpose and shining your light. I hope this post help you to understand this more.


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