What is Eye Gazing?


As part of an amazing project, spearheaded by the Liberators International, a few of us in Phoenix, AZ have decided to embark the journey.  The Worlds Largest Eye Contact Experiment. Some of you reading this have never heard the term, Eye Gazing. Eye Gazing actually started as an Indian ritual called darshan, perhaps tantric ritual, the ability to connect with another through the meditation of melting into another’s eyes, windows to the soul, and this is how Osho describes the experience:

Step 1: Look Into the Other
“Sit and look into each other’s eyes, [it is better to blink as little as possible, a soft gaze]. Look deeper and deeper, without thinking….

“If you don’t think, if you just stare into the eyes, soon the waves will disappear and the ocean will be revealed…. If you can look deep down into the eyes, you will feel that the man has disappeared, the person has disappeared. Some oceanic phenomenon is hidden behind, and this person was just a waving of a depth, a wave of something unknown, hidden.

“Do it first with a human being, because you are closer to that type of wave. Then move to animals — a little more distant. Then move to trees — still more distant waves; then move to the rocks.

Step 2: The Oshoenic
“Soon you will become aware of an ocean all around. Then you will see that you are also just a wave; your ego is just a wave.

“Behind that ego, the nameless, the one, is hidden. Only waves are born, the ocean remains the same. The many are born, the one remains the same.”

Osho, Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi Talk #4

Behind that ego the one is hidden

You can eye gaze into yourself (in a mirror), or with another. I personally believe it is more effective to gaze into another and, for the particular experiment mentioned above, the ultimate goal is human connection. Much of public human interaction becomes hurried and you often avoid eye contact with others due to ego. Perhaps because you are wrapped in thought, worry, a false sense of competition, or, afraid someone wants something from you.

You habitually avoid looking at the homeless man or woman walking by your car with a sign. You may not want the beautiful human at the grocery store to notice you feel attraction. You don’t look at the eyes of the disabled, the different, or those whose energy feels too needy, strong, or otherwise imbalanced. There can be good reasons for avoiding eye contact, I suppose. But, when you feel lonely or indifferent, it might be a sign you need some contact.

Eye Gazing Possibilities

It takes strength to hold your own space while holding the space of another during eye gazing.  This is why an intentional space with common goals is important. Both participants will experience some or all of the following:

  1. Energy Blocks – these can occur when your ego creates a barrier between connection to the soul of another. This person may have a good reason for wanting to protect his or her self, or perceived self, but an individual is asked to work through this meditatively and continue the gaze.
  2. Monkey Mind – in meditation, there is awareness of the buddhist term, monkey mind. Our thoughts try to dominate. It is with deep intention and practice that you can learn to control the flow of thought or separate from it.
  3. Experience Emotion – during eye gazing it is possible for participants to start laughing uncontrollably, cry, feel angry, want to touch or reach out or talk and have dialogue. These can also be a combination of energy blocks and ego.
  4. Energetic Dialogue – some of you will be sensitive to the energy circuit created between two. Similar to an energy healing session, you may see colors, feel sensations on the body, tingling goosebumps, hearts on fire, opening chakras and sending and receiving energy from one another.

Will Johnson, wrote a book, Gazing at the Beloved.  Here is an excerpt:

Some mysteries are like puzzles or riddles that the discerning eye and mind can recognize, unravel, piece together, and then solve. Other mysteries (as the mystery of dying into love) are simply to be entered into, marveled over, and surrendered to with no hope whatsoever of ever conquering or solving them. In fact, the only way of truly understanding such a mystery is instead through letting ourselves be completely conquered and dissolved by it.

We hope to see you at our Phoenix World’s Largest Eye Contact Experiment on October 15th from 3:30pm – 5:30pm at the Phoenix Civic Center Space Park.  We will be practicing eye gazing with another as part of this humanitarian experiment. There are other locations on the same date across the world and you can  find one, or create one, in your area.

Eye Experiment Phoenix


On Self Love Sunday, I like to remind you that you have to love yourself at the Moment, in this time and space. Shifting your focus to internal rather than external creates this atmosphere, a space for big breath, sigh of relief, so you can feel again.

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  1. Wow, I have never heard of any benefits with eye gazing. Thank you for this information article. I especially liked the part about the ego. Looking into your own eyes and trying to see past yourself can be a powerful experience.

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