Weekly Astrology from Mama Hummingbird


WEEKLY ASTROLOGY from Mama Hummingbird

It might be because you’re trying to figure out what makes you happy. The Taurus New Moon is all about wanting to relax in your hot tub with champagne and getting a foot massage from your favorite boo (and with Cancer in Venus you will want even more private moments at home with someone you feel really secure with).

But, it’s also all about the hard work that Taurus does to get there. They are some of the hardest working persons and do it for the long haul, sometimes as late bloomers. Ready to start something fresh? You might hear about that new job, contract, book deal, or something that you’ve wanted to make happen.

But, as I said yesterday, Mercury Retrograde will make you comb over the details and ensure that the direction you’re going in is the one you really really want. Really! Because things may appear to be in the way of progress in your communication and relationships. Old lovers show up, but pay attention more to the new ones – they are probably a better energy for you.


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