Weapon Consciousness

Weapon Consciousness

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This past week an innocent singer, Christina Grimmie, died in Florida from a gunman, with no apparent warning or any type of relationship with the victim. A stupid guy with a gun.

Another crime was committed in Florida soon after, killing 50 people. Some assume it was about religion or terrorism, others say it was hate. A stupid guy with a gun.

Regardless, America, PREVENT rather than respond. Seriously, when are you going to learn that your bad relations with others put you at risk? And, you’re willingness to let mankind buy weapons at will wounds your citizens at an increasing rate?

“In spite of recent dips in Defense Department budget, the U.S. is now spending more than $1 trillion annually on national security, not even counting the interest paid on the military-related debt..”

“The world as a whole spends about 2 percent of its total income on its militaries; the United States, about 4 percent.”

“Rather than worrying about how to win wars, we should seek to prevent them from breaking out in the first place. Our ultimate goal should be for the U.S. armed forces—and all armed forces–to become obsolete.”

“If the U.S. devoted as much effort to gun control as it does to countering terrorism, the world would be a much safer place.”

John Horgan, 2015, 2016


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