Warming Foods for Winter- Bisque Recipe

I found this local blogger and thought I would share this warm winter recipe.  I am craving warm foods. Even thought it is in the seventies here in sunny Phoenix, I am originally from the Midwest and possibly those cold winter weather months all of my life carry with me.  Our bodies are programmed to be in tune with the seasons and our ancestors ate foods according to what was available from nature.  Although there are arguments against many types of diets – including Paleo, Vegan and Raw, the fact remains our bodies internally sync with nature and our cravings come from a place of history.

With all of this said, I share with you this amazing looking Bisque from Simply Healthy Family in Phoenix, AZ.  You can follow her on Twitter 

Cauliflower-Yam Bisque

Place a trivet in bottom of pressure cooker. Add 1 cup Organic chicken broth or water. I like the flavor and vitamins from broth. Add 1 head cauliflower and 2 yams. Turn stove on to high heat. Secure lid onto pressure cooker. Bring to 1st red ring, lower heat to lowest setting set timer for 3 minutes.
Bring pressure down naturally or by running water over lid.
Using an immersion blender on high, blend to combine cauliflower and yams.
In goes ze buttah.
 Add 1 cup almond milk OR half and half or heavy cream. Blend untill very smooth.
I add a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, sea salt, freshly cracked pepper medley
and garnish with chives.
Here’s to WARM winter dinners!

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