Valuing yourself as a Coach – 2014 Vision for Change and Abundance

As a Health Coach, Holistic Coach, Life Coach, or any type Coach, many of us go through the periods when we feel like a fraud.  In fact, I have followed many of the big names out there in the self-realization movement who have shared this. Leaders in the self help movement started coaching, charging people for programs and services, and wondered what the hell they were doing.  Did they deserve to be charging so much?  Did they have enough knowledge to change person’s lives?   What makes me, for instance, deserve more than a $100 an hour or even more for what I do? Someday it could be $2000 for a one hour speaking event.  It is reported that Kris Carr charges a minimum of $7,500 – 10,000.  Wayne Dyer is $50,000 – 75,000.  Tony Robbins starts at $100,000.

All of these big names started out somewhere.   Kris Carr was a budding actress.   Wayne Dyer was a college professor. And, Tony Robbins sat underneath big names in the network marketing industry and learned fast and was labeled, money buddha“wonderboy”.   He became a millionaire around the age of 31.  As persons who create a place for possibility to happen, there is a varying degree of reimbursement that is charged, and the more we learn about ourselves as transformational healers the more we want to create abundance for our gift.  Coaches want to touch as many as possible in order to spread the transformation.  Yet, there can be this inner resistance in Coaches asking if we “deserve” it – the bookings, the abundance, or the joy.  I have battled with this incessantly.  It takes me much spiritual and other work to rid myself of the feeling that I do not deserve to be a leader, inspirational speaker, healer or change-maker.  But, it is persons, like me, that do this inner work that often become the best teachers of it.  In fact, Kate Northrup, in her new book, Money, A Love Story says, I don’t want to spend any of my precious time … where I can only get paid once for the effort I put in.”

Our gifts are our sacred treasure, divinely birthed into our Souls before we even arrived.  What price tag goes on that?   

As a Health Coach in particular, I struggle with feeling like a fraud.  I am overweight and have been all of my life.  I am still on my own path of trying to figure the right diet and structure for my days.   I am a night owl but get up early to take my daughter to school.   I eat healthy but also have a healthy love for chocolate and coffee.  I built this website and stayed up many hours converting one blog to the new one.  I had many websites, social media handles and places to maintain and finally I decided, 2014 is going to put an end to some of this nonsense.  I also discovered Danielle LaPorte, who has word-bites of reality-driven spiritual inspiration that comes straight from the hip like some hip-hop diva of self -realization, (although she personally recites lyrics from a variety of musical genres and regularly posts them on her Facebook or Twitter pages).  Danielle LaPorte preaches, “The precipice of expressing your Creative Genius is precisely the place to blow some sunshine up your own hemline. Remind yourself on a cellular level that you have pulled stuff off before — and you will again. Anchor into positive proof.”

The best thing we can do for ourselves, whether a beginner or a 100K expert is this:   We need to provide ourselves with Self-Love and unconditional Acceptance.

A necessary step of being a good Coach is being like a magnet, one who attracts the clients, the listeners, and the friends and supporters, which creates space for abundance.   Abundance, by the way, isn’t something we “deserve.”   Money, relationships, health and success are simply reflections of the perfect cosmic order and once we lean into that force we find that our needs are somehow met because we stood there in awe and gratitude.  A Coach goes to trainings, workshops, writes, journals, and works their business on a daily basis.  Being a Coach never stops.  Thus, there is no room for guilt or shame as we agreed with Spirit to be agents of heavenly gifts.  Finding our clients, then, is just another way to use of Law of Attraction.  And, clients may be working on attracting their right Coach.   I do not have to be the “perfect” Coach in order to assist my clients and there are plenty of clients who need my help.  Michelle Barr, recently wrote, “People pay me really good money for what I do now, and those who can pay show up and pay me willingly, and they get results. This all comes down to you valuing yourself and your work and putting it out in the world in a strategic way.”

Clients don’t need a “perfect” Coach, rather they want someone who reflects the values they desire in themselves.

I ask you then, to continue on this journey with me in 2014.   I foresee much more abundance for many of us as we law of attractionmove towards self-realization, soul desires, and being in flow.   For many of you, a New Year becomes a time of hope and an opportunity to move forward.  This is why it is a good time to sign up for Coaching.   Whether you are looking for improvement in relationships, wanting to increase self esteem, or moving towards a big transition, I am able to assist you as I have also been at these crossroads and want to provide you with my Gift of Change.  It is my 2014 Vision for Change and Abundance.

I want to offer a special for those of you reading this.   I am offering a $600 special for 8 Skype sessions of individual coaching.   Please sign up on the form below quickly as the first few months of 2014 are filling up fast!

4 Replies to “Valuing yourself as a Coach – 2014 Vision for Change and Abundance”

  1. Great article! Time is one of the most valuable things anyone possesses. It is something that, no matter how much money you have, you can not regain. It is far too common that people do not place enough value on their time and their hard work. My question is, if you do not value your own time and effort, how can you ask someone else to? As a coach, we try to hold ourselves to higher standards, practicing what we preach. And we should, because we do know what we “should” be doing. As you said, we have to let go of any guilt or shame, we are human. The idea of beating ourselves up for not being human is counterproductive. The trick is, finding the balance between trying to practice what we preach and being compassionate with ourselves, knowing that we will probably never practice it perfectly and that is ok!

  2. Wonderful article. So often we as coaches feel inadequate because we hold ourselves up to the standards we see in the media. I really like this line “Our gifts are our sacred treasure, divinely birthed into our Souls before we even arrived.”

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