Transforming with Love. Self Love Sunday

Transforming with Love.

There is a lot in the air right now. Summer arrived. Rainbow flags appeared around the World. The U.S. economy may be up slightly. Sun in Cancer.  It’s a picturesque setup for love.

A lot has been said this past week about equality and faith. But, where is the love? The world talks about it often. In fact, love is a growing trend. Let’s recognize this powerful trend and how it works to transform.

One of my love lessons was back in college, and at the encouragement of a friend, “to do me.” It was the first time I had heard that term. He saw me in my highest expression – a year when I had many great relationships, recognition, receiving a scholarship at my graduate school of University of Madison, WI, and, loving myself. I felt really good about who I was, which made loving others so much easier. This same friend also saw me for who I was, on a fairly close to daily basis; my indecision, fears, selfishness, complications to intimacy, and insecurities. But, he always kept telling me, “You do you. And, I’ll do me.”

It was a lesson, and reminder, I would never forget. A lesson in equality where two parties had to channel energy into Love in order for relationships and communication to work. But, it isn’t without its own suffering. The mind makes it complicated to let Love rule.

Another man who influenced me about love is, Arun Gandhi, whom I met in person in Colorado in February 2011. He radiated ‘beautiful soul’. I have always had a special place for Mahatma Gandhi, Arun’s grandfather, because I share his birthday. In a recent interview, Arun said this, “In a nonviolent struggle one seeks justice through self-suffering. There is no anger, and the end result is not about us and them. It is about transforming the opponent through suffering and love.”

Transformations are taking place in our World at an increased rate, and will continue to in the future. You and I create change and transformation by channeling energy and controlling the mind. It is not through controlling the mind of others, rather it is a focus on loving ourselves and channeling this toward others. Doing you, and doing me.

“We must become the change we want to see in the World.” Gandhi

If you look outside yourself, and wish to transform another being or group of people, I cannot imagine doing that without Love. I cannot imagine standing across from him, accusing him, unabashedly denying or disregarding his essence, blaming, disrespecting, and then assuming that I could arrive at an understanding that brings him to my side.

Gandhi said, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” We also heard this echoed in President Obama’s eulogy to Charleston, SC church shooting victims. He spoke about the forgiveness awarded to the opponent, the killer in this instance, when he said, “The alleged killer could have never anticipated the way the families of the fallen would respond when they saw him in court in the midst of unspeakable grief, with words of forgiveness. He couldn’t imagine that.”

Transforming with Love is the obvious solution.  President Obama also said something else poignant about the current channeling energy that will help us to arrive. “A sacred place, this church, not just for blacks, not just for Christians but for every American who cares about the steady expansion…of human rights and human dignity in this country, a foundation stone for liberty and justice for all.”

What I heard this week through several outlets was the power of transforming with Love.  A channeling energy of forgiveness, not without its suffering, but with the power of dignity.

Love does win.







3 Replies to “Transforming with Love. Self Love Sunday”

  1. Wonderful post! Love is such a powerful emotion and a beautiful one too. Changes, transformations, growth, all much more likely when we are kind and loving. When these challenges are met with anything but, it usually just creates stagnation or even more difficulty. I also think it is important to love ourselves, we must have it ourselves in order to give it. This is a great reminder of why it is important to embrace love.

  2. I love how you help guide people into self love. It is truly a continous process. Some train themselves to have an easier time while others are at the beginning of their journey. The best part about learning to love yourself, is it is so much easier to accept and love others where they are at.

  3. yes! What a beautiful post! I have one question I always come back to ” what would love do now”- it never fails me…especially the SELF love part 🙂 Thanks for this- such a beautiful reminder!

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