Top Ten Astrology Sites

I love astrology.  I have followed many astrology websites for 20+ years and have recently picked up new loves on the net.  In all things spiritual, which are good for the Soul, I try not to judge.  I keep an open mind and heart and appreciate all good writing, reading, and soulful suggestion.  All of you can detect hype, persons bored with their paradigm, and computer generated type.  I would much rather hear some truth, a beckoning for community realization, a connection with others like yourselves.

You want to know about the weather, what your schedule is like for the day, how you might be able to plan ahead. It’s nice to find out what the temperature will be like in the office space, who is going to flip a lid, which one is going to hit their goals for the month, or who is losing their mind because everything at home is a huge mess.  This is what astrology can do for people.  It provides a bit of a cosmic map for the day, the week, the month, the year.  It can be combined with many other theories and belief systems and makes complete sense to me.  It’s more than a Meyers-Briggs when you dig deeper.  It becomes like a birthmark, something that makes you completely unique, perhaps with some similarity with others in some respects, but it is your cosmic destiny revealed.

top ten astrology sites

The following websites are my TOP TEN recommendations for good reading/watching when it comes to tuning up your soul and polishing up your thoughts.  A good astrologer doesn’t just forecast from their interpretation of planet positions, but they invite you to read your sun sign, your rising, maybe even your moon sign and then elaborate on humanity as a whole.

In this respect, we not only have a guide for our inner being, we are also challenged to increase our vision to be one with the entire Universe. Keep in mind, I dabble in my own predictions. I write about the Full Moons and New Moons and can detect planetary patterns and how it effects our energy fields. I pick this up as a Reiki Master and Intuitive Coach. You can learn more about me here. Otherwise, here are your Top Ten:

  1.  Tom “Kaypacha” Lescher – New Paradigm Astrology

You will get to see various parts of the world in his videos as he takes us on an escape on islands, beaches and farmlands.  Hawaii is his mainstay but he does workshops across the globe and films for a Wednesday release.  He is perhaps the wisest soul when it comes to community awareness and connection and combining it with astrology and spiritual growth.  He has a great sense of humor, an infectious laugh, and I feel his compassion for his viewers.  He wants more for us.

  1.  Rob Breszny – FreeWill Astrology

He is poetic, artistic and uses symbolism and history in his writing.  His weekly readings come out on Wednesdays and I have been reading them for years.  I only read my Sun sign with him as I tend to feel it is only that in which I need for the week.  His multi-talents are perhaps far under-rated to websites that appear more trendy.  But, I will always look to him for not just a message, but a lesson to learn.  He has a socio-political message, and once ran for a political position.

  1.  Astro Dienst –

This is another long-time favorite.  This is a very user-friendly site where you can get a free astrology chart and the more information you know about your birth – exact day, location and time – the better your outcomes will be as far as the different reports they offer.  As far as reports go, the better the astrologer the more expensive the report (usually). actually has pretty inexpensive reports and they are good quality.  You might want to check out the Interactive Horoscope tab, and then look for Astro Click travel.  This will give you an idea about good locations for you to live, travel or find yourself, or a new love.

  1.  Susan Miller – Astrology Zone 

She has been a practitioner for many years and learned her skill from her mother.  She writes monthly scopes which thousands of persons wait for patiently.  She is detailed and consistent.  She provides an outline for all of the signs and has a Summary, Dates to Note and a link to review the past month.  It is important she provides this past month link so you can see if that fit with any of what you were experiencing.

  1.  Kelly Rosan0 –

You will probably hear some show-tunes or other songs that Kelly decides to start doing at the end of her videos.  This red-head is motivational by nature.  She is direct, clear and encourages you to take action.  She has personal readings, webcasts, and coaching.  I can see her as a Coach.  She has great insight and the ability to make the connections with your spirit and mind.  I love her character, and she is one!  I think you’ll have fun watching her.

  1.  Diana Garland –

She has a very detailed video horoscope for each month.  She has a quality of wisdom and depth in readings.  You will see her record in various areas of her home and her video is clear and her website is clean and easy to navigate.  I suppose I appreciate her aesthetically as well as her accent is easy to listen to.  She has a Facebook app that you lets you receive your sun-sign horoscope on your FB feed.

  1.  Center for the New Age – Sedona New Age Store

They do a great job of weekly horoscopes.  I love the fact that they are in Sedona, AZ.  Their website is amazing and has won awards.  They sell products online as well as provide articles, services and have world renowned psychics, if you are interested in that type of thing.  I believe I actually met the website designer once and they are good people.

  1. Mark Husson – 12 House Astrology

I have followed Mark for a long time.   He sends out a thorough weekly newsletter, has inexpensive and accurate reports and has a whole team of others who provide all types of services.  He lives in Denver, CO and has a radio show he does with Hay House Radio.  He is fun, energetic, compassionate and is a Diva!  Mark gives lots of free readings on his radio show if you happen to get luckily chosen.

  1.  Tali and Ophira Edut – The Astro Twins 

This website is pretty impressive.  They have it ALL.  Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual updates as well as events, classes, charts, readings, and shopping.  This is a trendy website but it has excellent writing with a New York penmanship.  Their press and media page is pretty impressive.  These girls know how to market a business and provide excellent content.

  1.  MysticMamma –

Ok, in all fairness she does not post any original astrology readings or interpretations.  She merely created a website which conglomerates the works of others and puts in a neat and pretty package with bi-weekly updates, sometimes less, sometimes more.  She keeps us in tune with her obvious choices for top astrologers and has also risen quickly in the circles I run in.  I respect what she is doing.

15 thoughts on “Ten Top Astrology Sites (recommended by Cynthia)

  1. I don’t necessarily follow astrology. Just read it for fun. Some things may appear to be on point why some things are way off base. Again, I read it for fun. 🙂

  2. I love the name Mystic Mama! That one is my favorite.

    With that being said, I am grateful for the resources you are sharing today. The first one with all those videos… sounds so lush and rich. THANK YOU!

  3. What a fun post. I think the Astro Twins is my favorite of your list. A friend did my chart ages ago it was a lot of fun.

  4. Cynthia, Thanks so much for this great post! I am new to astrology and find it very fascinating! Now you have given me quality sites to explore with your feedback on each! Such a gift!

  5. This is such a neat post! It goes much deeper than the horoscopes that we see in our daily paper. Thank you for sharing with us your top go-to sites!

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