The Myth of the Perfect Health Coach

Posted on June 4, 2012 by Integrative Nutrition

Many of us have a very specific idea of what a Health Coach looks like. We imagine them as fairly young, attractive, fit, healthy, and happy. If it were any other way, would they still be in a position to guide others on the path to wellness?

While it’s certainly true that Health Coaches should walk the walk when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle, there’s more to the story. Not all Health Coaches started out in peak physical condition, knowing the Health Coachnutritional benefits of kale or how to best motivate others. In fact, many of Integrative Nutrition’s students enroll with the primary goal of addressing their own health concerns.

Weight loss, digestive distress, autoimmune disease, and depression are just a few examples of the health challenges that are stabilized or even conquered by IIN’s graduates. Many continue on their healing journey – even as they begin to work with clients – and this experience puts them in the unique position to help others with a similar struggle.

The Integrative Nutrition curriculum approaches true health as a transformation from the inside out. That means the appearance of the physical body is only secondary to the vitality of the inner person, and the mind plays a crucial role in overall wellness.

So when you imagine the ideal Health Coach, don’t focus on body type or age. Instead, think of someone who can listen to a client’s story with compassion and address their bio-individual needs with the goal of achieving optimal balance together.

Most Health Coaches say they learn something new from every single client they work with, and even the best Health Coach isn’t perfect!

What is your experience with managing the idealized expectations clients have of Health Coaches?

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