Holistic healthy kids and what they eat

All of you care about your children and their well-being.  You want them to have a good education, take them to extracurricular activities and tuck them at night, after reading a book, and hope that they wake up smarter, happier, and healthy.  But, why do so many parents not care about what is in children’s food?  I understand budget constraints as I have had to raise a daughter alone. Yet, children are more obese, are not as smart, and are not as healthy.  Why aren’t our children more important? We cannot blame the government for our personal decision.  Yet, there is a standard that has been set by the USDA promoting PINK SLIME in children’s school lunches.  http://news.yahoo.com/usda-defends-decision-pink-slime-school-lunches-182400391.html  This is a serious issue, but many are trying to make a difference for our kids!

We can make a difference!   $16 billion dollars is being spent for school food.  Revolution Foods is one option for healthy school lunch deliveries and distribution, which began in San Francisco.   While Michelle Obama has pushed for improved meals and more exercise on a presidential and political level,  Jamie Oliver is behind the kitchen counters asking cooks to create changes with good tasting alternatives that are healthy. Plus, his programs for lunches are also creating better academic outcomes.  On a micro-economic level, families across the nation are making big changes at their tables and letting us know what they are up to.

There is a family who has been working with their children by promoting “real food” on their website http://www.100daysofrealfood.com  and taking on the task of trying to feed their children, and themselves, on diet of non-processed food.  Hopefully this catches on to other families and we all are activated to advocate for better food for our children!

I am part of aHolistic Moms Network and you can sign up for a chapter in your area to be around other Moms who truly see the importance of healthy eatHMN-Difference-2013ing, organic living, and policy and education changes for children and families.  Below is the values that they bring to Moms who want to build awareness for holistic health and green living.  It is a non-profit and I do get any referral credit for mentioning them, but here is their website HOLISTIC MOMS NETWORK.   I have been a member for over five years!
I also wanted to leave you with some great visual ideas for healthy lunches for kids!  I love Pinterest for these ideas and Bento boxes are a great way to sort out children’s lunch goodies and make it fun.  Let’s create a safe, healthy and soulful atmosphere for our kids!
Cynthia Djengue, BA, MSW, CHC

Holistic Coach

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