Cleansing the Colon

Here are some basics about Colon therapy.  There is a video below from a company I have no affiliation with but I wanted you to see the graphics, and yet the comfort, of the process.  Most people need these.  When I worked in the hospital, patients were always getting enemas, and coffee enemas were often preferred.  If you aren’t going poop at least once a day, preferably a few times, then you need to check your diet and add a probiotic for starters.

A colonic is colon irrigation with water and pressure which reaches deeper levels of the colon than any enema can do.  The human body, in its cells, can carry from 400-800 toxic chemicals.  It is helpful for persons who feel chronic fatigue, muscle and joint pain, constipation, acne, low energy and headaches.

Watch Video on Colon Therapy

We spend lots of money and heaps of effort keeping our houses, clothes and children clean and tidy. We worry about germs getting into our food and beasties burrowing into our beds.  Who, though, is worrying about how to make sure our internal waste disposal systems are cleaning up inside us? What if we have glistening external surfaces and heaps of gunge inside?
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