Summer Cleanse is here. Sign up for the Balance Detox 2014!

Summer Balance Detox Cleanse 2014

The Summer Cleanse is here – time to Detox with some BALANCE  in the system.  Why do we need to detox and what does the balance part mean?  Let me try to illustrate why the body needs to be balanced.   Most of you go to work in the morning and are in a hurry.   You grab a coffee at Starbuck’s, maybe a breakfast sandwich, or you might even get a Lemon loaf or have a “real” breakfast of eggs, bacon… the works.   Lunch comes around and the office usually gets something out – Subway sandwiches, pizza, a potluck with meat filled and cheese filled casseroles loaded with gluten and extra fat.  Or, maybe you grab another coffee or a power drink since you are coming down from your morning caffeine high.  And then your stomach starts to feel acidic so you decide you aren’t hungry.   You run home, maybe pick up kids, run home to cook something fast because you are exhausted and decided on mac and cheese and you give yourself a quick salad as you feel guilty about what you just ate through the day.  Sound familiar?

(image source:  Huffington Post)

I used to work in hospitals for most of my career.  Health care workers are busy people – doctors, nurses, interns, administration, techs, office staff and others are often in a hurry.  The cafeteria is quick and easy and usually people wants what tasty, not healthy. The typical office environment is just usually not that healthy.  Many persons I worked with had a variety of diets and this isn’t about health care workers, rather it is a typical corporate environment that tries to offer healthy options but, as any institution, they work within budgets and they house the fast food chains and coffee chains to give the employees what they want.  College campuses are the same way.   Many people have healthy options but when we get in a hurry and our taste buds and olfactory responses take over, many just don’t feel like making the effort.

what stress does to your body

Considering the typical diet above, coupled with stress from commuting to work, activities, shopping, schooling, exercising… well, it all takes its toll on the body, mind and soul.  As you can see from both of the images above, the type of foods, the amount of calories we eat and increased stress takes it toll on the body.   With Cleansing and Detox techniques, we attempt to reverse some of this damage ridding the body of free radicals, processed foods, debris left in the colon and intestines, cleansing the blood, respiratory system and increasing function of all organs.   I share the details with you in the Summer Detox Cleanse for Women.  We start on the Full Moon on Friday!  I am also offering a free Reiki session to those that sign up  before Wednesday, June 11th at 5pm CST.

We are going to focus on BALANCE of mind, body and soul.   You might just see where you have been neglecting Self-Love, giving too much time away to an activity or habit, sometimes it becomes an addiction.  You will, in this detox, discover connections in mind-body-soul wellness and how to create new pathways to the lifestyle you want to lead.  Best part?   Do it right in the convenience of your own home!

2 Replies to “Summer Cleanse is here. Sign up for the Balance Detox 2014!”

  1. I love that you include not only the body but mind and heat as well in this cleanse ! I also appreciated your words on stress and our health. I think that this is something that is still not talked about enough- its a perfect time for a cleanse and this sounds like a treat 🙂

  2. Great post! It is so easy to slowing fall off track and into our busy lives and old habits. I absolutely love detoxes for just this reason. It is a great way to clear away the old patterns, remove toxicity from our lives and our bodies, and start fresh again. It is a great touchstone for our health. Some behaviors and eating habits crop up in our lives very subtly and we are often unaware of it. I agree that a detox needs to address more than the toxins in our bodies, but our lives as well. It really is about balance in the mind, body, and spirit.

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