Spring is a time for changes and transformation


Spring is a perfect time for change.  You will notice your energy increase, your cravings for rich foods and hibernation tactics dissipate.   Open the windows, watch the hummingbirds show up, and daffodils, roses, tulips bloom.  Close your eyes and feel gratitude for transformations budding.  Spring is time for transformation as well as important New Moon on Sunday, March 30th.  Let’s review some ways to birth ourselves for 2014 and create new space, new intentions and brighter goals.

Spring Cleaning and Getting Rid of Clutter

You may be in the mood to clean, organize, and create. Apparently this desire to clean and organize spans worldwide.  According to Martha Stewart Magazine, “In Persian culture, for instance, a ritual called “khaneh takani,” or “shaking the house,” precedes the New Year, which falls on the first day of spring. Families traditionally banish dust from every corner and crevice and polish belongings in preparation for returning spirits. Similarly, preparations for the Chinese New Year, aka the Spring Festival, involve rigorous housecleaning. Accumulated dirt is swept away along with stagnant energy and bad luck, creating room for good fortune.”  Start shaking your house and find ways to feel fresh.

I am one of those people who re-arrange a lot.  I have done this since childhood. Do you do this or know someone who does?  I find organizing to be a necessary routine and symbolic action of what is happening inside.  If I switch around some furniture, get rid of some old belongings, I literally feel lighter, more spacious, open to more energy.  Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of using energy in your home.  One place to start checking your energy is your entry way.  “The entryway is the most important spot in feng shui; it is where good chi—and good fortunes and opportunities—enter the space. Make the entry attractive and remove all clutter, and be sure the door can open completely without scraping or bumping into anything.” – Mary Mihaly.  You can find many resources on the internet or at your local library on how to feng shui your home as well as use an expert locally.

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Ladybug photo by Cynthia Djengue


In the process of cleaning and de-cluttering you will experience resistance.  This is where cable tv shows like Hoarders became popular.  Many persons can relate to wanting to hold on to “stuff” – whether it’s memories, feelings tied to objects, or a lifestyle that has become your identity.  I remember I liked bears when I was little.  But, really, it was my Mom who liked bears for me.  My father called me “Pooh” when I was younger and my mom wanted me to like this bear and other bears throughout my childhood and early adulthood.   At some point, I outgrew the desire for bears.  I no longer collected them and decided that bears did not really fit my style nor my interests.  I ended up giving a lot of bears one year and never regretted it.  Collections of things are fine, don’t get me wrong here. But, question why you have these things.  William Morris was an English architect, furniture and textile designer, artist, writer, socialist writes “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  Look around.  Are there pictures, old clothing, or tattered furniture that you need to throw out?   It might have served its purpose and the new is around the corner.

Yellow Rose by Cynthia Djengue
Yellow Rose by Cynthia Djengue


What stops you from creating a peaceful, beautiful space in your life and in you?  Once I let go of the bears, I really gravitated more adult items.  I like carnival glass, buddhas, peacock feathers, rich middle eastern jewel tones.  I don’t like furniture to surround a television.  I like bright light.  I gravitate towards earth tones with pops of color.  I have tribals symbols and nature’s objects.  Some spiritual symbolism and comfortable leather furniture.  I worked in furniture and interior design for a couple of years.  I developed a taste for quality items  But, my taste for nice things don’t get in the way of living life the way I need to.   I have had moments of financial struggle and I find that things do not really matter, people do.   I have had to sell and give away a lot of stuff over the years and I mean this very literally.  I have not owned a home for the mere fact that I have moved so much and didn’t want to be tied to a single location for long.  It is a love of freedom for me.

“Attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of suffering.” -Dalai Lama

I later learned that my ability to become non-attached to objects was buddhist in nature.  Although I had never studied buddhism, I found that it’s attachment theory sounded familiar.  Buddha, the Dalai Lama, and others have reviewed non-attachment.  Here are some great words by Pema Chodron, “Ego is like a room of your own, a room with a view, with the temperature and the smells and the music that you like. You want it your own way. You’d just like to have a little peace, you’d like to have a little happiness, you know, just gimme a break. But the more you think that way, the more you try to get life to come out so that it will always suit you, the more your fear of other people and what’s outside your room grows. Rather than becoming more relaxed, you start pulling down the shades and locking the door. When you do go out, you find the experience more and more…”  How true this has become in our Western culture.  I encourage growth and letting the outside in.

Starting Fresh, Growing, Transforming

copyright 2014Review what you need to de-clutter in your life and what “stuff” is no longer beautiful and taking up space.   Here are the areas of growth I want you to consider:

1.  Mental/Thoughts – do you have toxic thoughts?   Are there memories you need to clear out?  Do you feel obsessed or enamored with something or someone?   Are you holding any anger or resentments?   Are you sad about your past or a loss?

2.  Body Temple – do you have old clothing that needs replaced? Are you caring for your eyes, teeth, ears, blood, organs?  Do you need to do a cleanse?   Are you moving regularly?  Do you have time relax?  Are you going outside in the sun daily?

3.  Sexuality and Intimacy – are you in relationships that do not reflect you, as you are today, and that do not honor you?  Are you intimate with persons that you don’t feel entirely okay with?   Are you able to say no when you feel that in your body?   Are you giving handshakes or patting on the back even when you do not feel like it?  Are you sleeping with someone you respect?

4.  Spirit and Soul – Can you feel energy of others?   How does the energy of your home feel?   Are you connected to a Spirit or Guide?   How does God show up for you?  How is your home and family connected spiritually?   Are you in spiritual and soulful relationships?  What do you do for a Soul Cleanse?  How can you incorporate more meditation or connection to God or Spirit in your day?

5.  Social and Career – Do you love what you do?   Are you doing the best you can in your job or career?  Do you need to do something different with your reason for living and getting income?  Do you have poor working relationships?   Are you stuck in traffic, in a car, in an office, or in a rut?  How can you flow better in your work?  Does your work environment and people you work with reflect who you are today?  Have you outgrown your job or career?   Have you outgrown your position?  Do you want to express yourself in new ways when it comes to career?

Whether you just experienced Spring Break or are about to head on that vacation, be sure to do some Spring Cleaning either before or after.  Consider the New Moon on Sunday and find ways to express yourself new and fresh in each area of your life.  I have found that The Desire Map really helped me with this.  I will also be starting a group this summer on How to Create more Abundance in your Life.

8 Replies to “Spring is a time for changes and transformation”

  1. Strange – yesterday (March 30) I had an overwhelming urge to clean and get rid of clutter and that is what I did a lot of the day. It’s interesting that when I studied cultural anthropology in college, that they never talked about the universal nature of spring cleaning. I never realized!

  2. I, too, love to rearrange. One of my favorite ways to relax is to organize and purge needless junk. I never viewed spring cleaning as pertaining to relationships and spirituality…this spring will be a time of all things new for me, even the type of spring cleaning I will be doing.

  3. I have started asking myself when buying something if I really want it. Every item I do not buy is an item I do not have to get rid of later. That’s been working out well.

  4. I LOVE the lines you’ve drawn that show what a very universal act “spring cleaning” is. The thing that I’ve come to know as I’ve matured is that spring cleaning doesn’t need to be tied only to the home, to the things, to the dust and clutter… but, as you noted, to the thoughts, relationships, and practices that accumulate in our lives.

  5. These are some great questions, I really like how Spring Cleaning is not just for the home, but for the mind, body and spirit as well!

  6. Love the idea of spring cleaning the mind too – we have so much mental clutter that we just live with everyday – so nice to have a fresh start!

  7. I love how you focus on cleansing in every aspect of our life; mind, body, and soul. Having our surrounding in order can make a huge difference, but having our insides in order affects our entire reality. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips!

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