Spiritual Sunday: Ask for What you Want

February 23rd – Spiritual Sunday topic is … ASK for what you want! I had a great therapy session this week. My Jewish therapist is awesome. He is kind, thoughtful and practical. I also had good book-group sessions this week. I discovered my goals and what direction I want to head – just a few clear-cut ones, as suggested in the Desire Map (http://owl.li/rhGE2),

Desires Appear

We need to ask for what we want in every area of our lives – in relationships, friendships, family, career, from God or our Source, and one another.  The ability to ask for what you want is an exercise in self-love. It is saying to others that 1) you believe in what you want, 2) you care enough about yourself to ask for what you want, and 3) you value the other person enough to ask for what you want, (in essence, why waste one another’s time?).  The main reason that you would not ask for what you want is FEAR. But, the worst that can happen is simply that, a bad-case scenario that may not play out that way, or it might.  Let’s review some ways to ask for what you want, and how that might work.

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