Speaking to the audience

KNOW your topic, and FEEL it!

I have done a lot of public speaking from sales presentations to group presentations.  I have always been passionate about what I have spoken about and this helps calm the nerves as well take control of your audience.  Remember, persons generally don’t show up at a presentation unless they want to learn something.  Thus, ensure that you have knowledge of your subject with notecards or other visuals to remind you to stay on topic.
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Spiritualize your Steps!
Another way to find the courage and wisdom you need before you approach the audience is to do some deep breathing and to meditate briefly on your power from within.  The higher power within each of us, the Spirit that created us, wants us to be successful and to shine that wisdom to others.  You can ask for this wisdom as you prepare for your presentation. Remember, you are taking one step further than most people by being willing to approach this space!
Thank your Audience with Gratitude.
They took the time, and maybe money, to show up so it is time to thank them, deeply and sincerely, for being there for you.  Thank your audience and any other persons who made this moment possible.

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