September urges you to let go. Self Love Sunday.

September urges you to let go. Have you sensed that there are some things or people just fading behind you as you walk to your dimly lit path ahead? It’s not always clear where you’re headed. Look beyond the trees to see the forest.

Some of you will interpret Jupiter in Virgo to be perfect, do it perfectly, look perfect while you’re doing it. Rather, Virgo just asks you to take the opportunity to get to work. Get a little more serious. Pisces can often see the forest (opposite Virgo) while Virgo wants to study every tree, make sure the path is clean and neat, or, help others on the path that they see struggling. There are lessons in self-love here.

I believe I said this before, somewhere, but this same planetary action happened in 2003-2004 and anyone with a birthday in 1954-1958 and 1966-1970 will feel this. Back to 2003-04, how was your life, work and love? What was your level of responsibility? Did life get better or worse? Surely you had some lessons at that time that are showing up now and will through the next year. Jupiter asks you, “How have I touched your life? How have you grown? Have I expanded you?”

forest from the trees jupiter in virgo

Check yo-self before wreck yo-self.

Perhaps the biggest risk for all is to ignore this opportunity to let go of something, to expand, to work towards manifesting something. It’s not time to take the easy way out. If any of you tried to do that last month during Leo you are probably paying a bit of a price right now. If you let life happen rather than directing your own course, you might have lost money, a home, a relationship and feel unprepared and lost in the trees…

One of the reasons I started the Know Your Beliefs program is because I saw so many people letting life fling them around – workshop to workshop, job to job, relationship to relationship, to lovers, to homes, to ideas, to . I have witnessed so much lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs that I created a program for stronger belief systems, conscious goal making and dream making.

Jupiter in Virgo will be with us for another year. How can you walk that path with less focus on the details and more on the expansion? What’s your Self Love lesson? Below are just a few of the areas where you may need to exercise letting go:

  • The habit of helping others when you can’t help yourself
  • The habit of not taking care of your body or paying attention to health
  • The habit of getting caught up in details and wanting to perfect every piece
  • Inability to experience joy or manifestation or abundance in this life
  • Resistance to responsibility, hard work, routine
  • Lack in loyalty, supportiveness and commitment

Some of you may have more vivid dreams. I would write these down and find the lessons. I had one last night that I thought I would share. I was with an older man, obviously in some kind of romantic relationship. I liked his ability to care for me. He was taking me on a trip. We were touring the city and needed to get on the bus to the countryside. We were in a bit of a rush, I had left some of my things in the hotel room but assumed he had them. He was the organizer, I relied on him. In the rush I ran towards the bus and realized he was no where in sight. I decided to think positive. He would show up at the next stop. He knows what bus to take. He will be there and run as fast as he can. But, he wasn’t there. He wasn’t at the next one either. Soon we were on the highway and I got up and screamed to let me off the bus. But, I had nothing. No purse, wallet, money or identification. No cell phone.

Do you see the lesson?  I did as soon as I woke up. First, slow down. It’s fun to get caught up in the moment, move quickly and furiously but worry about getting on that bus, so you jump on. All of the sudden, you’re alone and lost. Second, don’t rely on others to take care of us. As much as we love someone and they love us, we are still responsible for ourselves. “I never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude” – Henry David Thoreau

While you’re on this journey in the trees of life, realize that the night comes, the stars gently light up the sky and the planets speak to you. There are going to be others that might take you off your path. Particular thoughts and beliefs may increase focus on un-necessary details rather than enjoying the moment. You will feel alone. It’s not that you need to be alone. It’s that you need to feel comfortable enough in your solitude so that reliance or habitual need for others doesn’t become a distraction from your path. Think to 2003-2004. Getting off that path can have long-term effects.

Next week we will review the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon arriving at end of September. Some of you may be healing from a broken heart. Stay tuned.



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