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Self Love during Transition

This past New Moon felt significant for many. Transition. Some of you feel a need to make big changes and don’t know where to start. I think it is even more difficult when you are a “Conscious” person and you want heart-centered authenticity to rule your life, whether at work or at home. Yet, you are often left disappointed by the world when others don’t treat you fairly, you lose a source of income, don’t pass your exam the first time, or break up with yet another online date mate. It is a fast paced and stimulating world to live in and if you are a conscious person it can feel like too much.

I spoke about this a while ago when reviewing what an Empath is and I wrote, “It seems to me that many persons who choose to make choices that are full of fear and risk are those that have the most interesting stories.  It is the people who had great loss and great gain, tragedy, trauma, or near death experience that find a way to rely on something bigger than themselves.” Gratitude and Self Love during transition. Consider your whole life one big transition.

Being conscious during transition is the best strategy you can use. It keeps you free from blaming and shaming yourself or others. Whether it seems like a small intimate detail or a huge life trauma, staying present with feelings, thoughts, and forgiveness is key. Jim Carrey says it well here, talking about Jesus, adversaries, and the meaning of life:

The meaning of life… Just love yourself.

It’s all to easy in our social media crazed society to compare ourselves and assume we can never be or do enough as we scroll through feeds of hundreds of photos and text numerous people throughout the day. It’s one of the reasons I have chosen to take a Digital Detox.  I am going to admit that I love social media. I have not only engaged in my own social media but I have been paid to help others with theirs the past few years. There are times I was constantly hooked up to several accounts and loved seeing the outcomes, the growth, the follows.

Digital Detox at Cynthia Djengue

I also love social media for the social part of it. It is also why I love social work. I love people, their stories, their unique perspectives. I like getting re-acquainted with old neighbors and discovering friends that you weren’t really close to in high school but seem to have a lot more in common with now in middle age. I enjoy seeing my nieces and nephews grow and the responses to my own daughter’s growth and challenges and successes. Mama and Baby Hummingbird, we make quite a team. I have been invited to parties and birthdays and had in-depth conversations on messenger with old loves, new loves and dear friends.

I do like social media. But, I am sometimes more comfortable behind a screen than at a party. I have an introverted side, believe it or not. Some of my friends don’t even believe that. No matter. I have realized, just like you, that it’s time for a detox during this time of transition. It’s much like the other types of detoxes I have offered for nutrition. It’s a mind, body, soul kinda thing to do.

I am a Coach, an MSW, a Reiki Master. If you feel you need some help during this time of transition, I got your back and can listen, help you see your Light, and help you to Self Love again. It’s what I do. But, you’ll have to contact me the old fashioned way. Feel free to call 623-295-9527 to set up an appointment. Services can be found here.

Keep loving yourself,

Cynthia Djengue

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