Self Love Sunday. Vulnerability.

Earlier this week I posted something about control and letting it go – that what needs to happen will still happen. It’s a lesson for many of us to continue learning. The most growth I have done has been within the last few years. This isn’t because of my age. It is because I have chosen to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability, in the context of self love, is our willingness to intentionally put ourselves in situations that may create fear. It is an act of courage when one would rather walk away. It is an exercise in the mind’s ability to overcome the body’s flight response. There is a point at which one must choose to cross the line, fully knowing, that what is about to happen could create pain, guilt, shame, or embarrassment, but at the same time, there is deep trust in ourselves to manage all the discomfort.

Where do you still need to be vulnerable? Is it in relationships or in other social situations? Is it in your 18 year marriage? Is it in a group of women, or group of men? Is it a place where no one else has yet been vulnerable, and it would make you the first?

Perhaps when you know what area it is you need to become vulnerable, you will make a decision to finally end your fears. You probably already know that by taking this step in this direction that your life could potentially change forever. Change, as I teach, is simply alchemy – transformation towards what creates a better you, a better life.

When I came to Arizona I did not have a job, a place to live or any family or amazing friends to fall back on. I have made moves like this before but not with a child and a limited amount of funds. Not without some sort of security.  I quieted all the voices in my head, closed my eyes, and walked into the freedom of courage.

The experience of settling myself in the desert, the nakedness the pounding heat encourages, the slipping off of persona and protection, that has led to some of my best creativity and ability to experience way more than just survival, but to exist and live with meaning.

Vulnerability isn’t a trend.  It’s what we have been learning in our therapy sessions, our yoga classes, long bike rides, relationships, sexual encounters and any type of “Breakthrough” experience.  You can attend a class or you can sit in meditation.  Vulnerability is easily accessible.  Listen to how it sounds.  Feel its effects.  Get used to that.  It will serve towards your transformation. It’s never too late or too hard to find transformation.

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