Self Love Sunday. Find the Magic


Some days are relatively dull.

There doesn’t seem to be a reason to do much but sit at home, watch television, maybe have a barbeque. It’s okay to rest and not busy ourselves all the time.

But, you know what’s even better? Finding some magic.


You can find little surprises everywhere you look, if you are looking.

You can discover something new about your body. It has unique sounds, interesting curves, lovely features that make you human.

You can write about what you really want. We are doing this in a group with the Vision Board training.  You can join us. You can visualize your dreams.

It can be a day to yourself, in nature, simply being. No agenda.

No lake to hike to, or, amazing photo to post on social media.

You can get a little lost in the trees and flowers. For no reason.

Magic is happening in nature, in hospitals, in churches, in your life.

Do you recognize it?



Try something new. Do something really nice for someone (and not receive anything in return). That could feel magical.

Become someone else for a day, doing the opposite of what you would normally would do.  It’s Self Love Sunday.

Use some Self Love today. It can feel magical to be You.

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