Self Love Sunday. Intentions. New Year. New You.

We are sitting in a busy cafe this morning, with lots of noise and rush on a Sunday morning. The breakfast/brunch rush is almost over. I try to devote Sunday to relaxation, spending time with my daughter, and finding solace in quiet freedom. Today I am working, finishing up tasks at home and out in the “field” and thinking about the New Year, 2015. If you are one of my close followers, you already know that I am a spiritual, not religious person. I promote faith, trust, and pixie dust. I teach recognition of your own voice and how that equates to mastering the direction of your life. I write about self love and desires and their use as tools for creating more of what you want. Intention is going to be an end-of-the-year theme. You will see this word more, attempt to define it for your life and may choose to blow its magical dust out towards the stars of the Universe.

You see, your wishes do sometimes come true. It isn’t all make believe. If you think about some of the things you have in your home, for instance, at one point you said, I want that, and you found a way to get it. Whether or not you had all the money, the far ahead planning, or put it on any lists, you made that object appear in your life. Perhaps you also created this little miracle with money, a new career or business, or a person and a relationship. You make things happen in your life at many moments and don’t give the power of Intention credit for it. You might believe it’s more physical, or physics, and break down the economics, law of reasoning, law of action, and so forth and argue this is how you got what you wanted. So be it. The same wonderful outcome exists. I choose to believe that I have more power than you might give me credit power. I know several things in my life have happened that I made happen.  I chose what I wanted and it came to me. This is law of attraction made manifest by Intention.

Intention setting is not difficult. You can write it, wish it, pray it, sing it, chant it, or dance it. You can create symbols, strategies and solutions to set it in stone. You can make it big or small.  2.1 million versus 2,100. It can be directed towards objects or people, home or distant travel, love relations or boss impressions. Intentions are manifested sooner or later. But, there is always a catch. You can’t imagine it completely. There are other factors to consider, namely, your lack of self love in the process. You have to believe that you can really have it if it comes near you, that the person you desire just walked past you and took your breath away a little, that the check about to arrive has a bigger amount than you assumed, and that the Universe, or God, or whomever or whatever you believe is on your spiritual side is looking out for you.

When describing the magic of this process, master of self help and Intention, Wayne Dyer, asks, “How capable are you of keeping your “link” to the field open, and are you ready for what awaits you?” This link is to the Universe, and those enlightened to its transformative abilities know that the Universe’s core is Love. The link, then, is about Love. If you imagine what you want, it has to be from a loving energy. It’s not what you think you deserve, what your parents would give you or not give, your ex husband or wife, or your previous boss. It’s what a Universe of unconditional love would give you. That’s the power to tap into when you seek to have what you want. This loving energy is the only source available out there in purest form and you have the ability to access whenever you want.

I am talking about Intention today because it is a New Year approaching and you have been imagining a New You for a long time already. You have wanted more. But, where do you resist getting that showing up in your life? Resistance is a realistic factor in the equation of moving towards Universal and Unconditional Love.

I will continue to discuss how Intention can work for you this month as we approach the New Year. In my Self Love practice I choose to direct client healing from all types of things, mainly relationships to themselves and others. The lack of love they feel for themselves is what effects every other area of their lives. This is not about self esteem, rather, its about connecting to that link as described above. A link to the Universe. A link to unconditional love. It’s where the magic happens, the fairy dust circulates — waiting for its next miracle to happen. The alchemy of Intention.

I would like for you to try something this week. I want you to think like a fairy. A beautiful little being of light and truth and playful energy. How would you show up in your own life?  How would you surprise yourself? What types of tricks would you have to play on yourself to make you lighten up, to laugh, to be surprised or inhale with anticipation. Do you believe in magic? Do you believe that the stars fall down right when you look up because you had a wish longing to be recognized? Does your fantasy, your dream, your unclaimed desire have any type of action that you can take now? Seek out some rituals or playful ways you can make some magic happen in your life. Just play with these thoughts. Imagine this fairy always flitting near your shoulder, waiting for your directions, ready to make the magic happen.

3 Replies to “Self Love Sunday. Intentions. New Year. New You.”

  1. I agree that intention is very important. It is like a guiding light and underlying thread all in one. I find that having clear intentions can be a huge aid in staying on track of where I really want to go or what I really want to accomplish. I look at the intention as the driving force behind my actions. Thank you for this reminder, especially valuable as we come to the beginning of a new year!

  2. Great reminders here! I agree absolutely. When we have intention we are able to be present and clear in our lives. Just the action of setting intention helps clear away any fear or uncertainty. So great to do at this time of year!

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