Self Love Sunday. Full Moon Ritual.

This Full Moon will be in Scorpio and is also the time of Wesak, or “Buddha Day.”

Here are some overviews of this astrological influence from featured astrologers according the HOLISTIC HUMMINGBIRD. This full moon delivers insight into the darker side, our human-ness, the ego. Ritual and Release are important and we will combine techniques to help you move to self love.

“Scorpio is about power, natural shamanism, Earth spirituality, psychic gifts, money, sacred sex and Trust. Scorpio represents the transformation of our Soul’s and the Soul of the Earth. With this Scorpio Full Moon……we have the ability to move into the higher Scorpio energies of the Earth Spirituality, natural healing….along with acknowledging the wisdom of the elders. We can pull on the high psychic abilities that are emphasized now…. for the good of all. Stay out of the gray side of Scorpio….which is…jealousy, manipulation, control, judgment, lies, secrets, possessiveness etc. Scorpio’s transformation can be seen through, life & death……release and reconstruction…..and the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes. The releasing can come from deep down in your Soul! It is a time for Soul searching. Go deep within yourself……your soul, and see what comes to you. There are many things that you might need to look at, from childhood traumas, to things that you are reacting to now. When Scorpio is activated we can be faced with our inner and our outer demons. This can feel uncomfortable at times…..but that is Pluto/Scorpio territory.

The Cardinal T-Square is formed by Pluto (transformation of the Soul, our Soul and the Soul of the Earth), squaring Uranus (constant change, thinking outside the box & humanity), and the South Node (past lives and unfinished business) and the North Node (where we are headed…our Souls intent). A square’s energies are: friction and stress. They mark turning points, they create crisis that makes us change or be changed. Cardinal energy is about Change, Birthing of New and Urgency This Cardinal T-Square is initiating change and transformation while giving us the opportunity to distance and move away from things that no longer vibrate were we are vibrating as we shift into the higher energies of the “new”…..that we are co-creating!

It is an important time to take care of yourselves with all this very uncomfortable and intense energy. If you feel exhausted….rest!”  Cathy Lindsey


“In Taurus/ Scorpio we are dealing with TRUST issues and the basic building blocks of the human condition: LOVE and SECURITY. The seven deadly sins all revolve around Taurus/Scorpio axis. Scorpio rules the “hidden” side of life…what is behind the veil, taboo, secret and occult. Scorpio is known as the “sexy” sign, but that translates as inner magnetism, which can attract or repel at will. We all have an inner Magician, Priestess, Shaman, Psychic Detective, Dark Goddess, and Psychologist indicated by the house where the sign of Scorpio falls in your birth chart.  With awareness, these archetypes can be used constructively for our own healing and transformation.  The positive side of Scorpio teaches compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others; the right use of power, loyalty, and self-discipline.  We learn that true intimacy is not based on control or possessiveness, but on the desire for oneness, compassion and truth.

The shadow side of Scorpio is abuse of power, secrecy, judgment, emotional repression, obsession, control, revenge and, manipulation.  Recognizing and owning your Shadow, rather than projecting onto others, becomes a necessity if you have major Scorpio planets in your chart, especially the Moon (since the Moon rules the subconscious). Working with dreams is an excellent way to bring the Shadow into awareness.

The fixed signs demand a breakdown of old patterns and habits (Moon in Scorpio) through consistent determination (Sun in Taurus) and courage (Jupiter in Leo).  The “resolution” area falls in the final fixed sign at 13 degrees Aquarius. The lesson is that true physical and emotional security will not be found in becoming slaves to the  material world of desires (that can all dissolve in an instant); but by being “free” to think and act and love as an individual (Aquarius). The catch is that this concept of freedom is for everyone, not just a privileged few. Where the sign Aquarius falls in your chart, is where you will find the release valve for this T-square energy.”

And, more about Wesak, Happy Birthday Buddha on Self Love Sunday!

“According to Buddhist tradition, the Buddha reached enlightenment during the Full Moon in Scorpio. This time of the year offers release and ascension, it can also offer the exact opposite: grasping even tighter the material world and personal relationships.

This Full Moon as all Wesak Festival moons are is all about relationships. Last month’s eclipse was all about relationships, and I have met many couples who increased their struggle since then. This full moon will make those fights even bitterer: the words hurt more, the feeling of despair and hopelessness accompanies the retaliations, and the love that once was is nowhere to be found.”


wesak full moon2

Ritual for Releasing above Energy on this Self Love Sunday:

  1. Sage your home.  Sage yourself. Sage the front door or where lovers may enter. Pay special attention to your bedroom, intimate spaces where love or sexuality is a focus. Affirm health, wellness, pleasure and self love.
  2. A bowl of water has been discussed in all Wesak ceremonies as Buddha disappeared into the Water. Use one of your most beautiful bowls and add one drop of Abundance (wealth, money, relationships), Idaho Blue Spruce (intimacy, sexuality), and Palo Santo (spirituality).  Sprinkle or throughout home on carpets, bed sheets or use diffuser.
  3. Build an altar. It shows honor and respect. Add photos, statues, or pictures of Christ, Buddha, Goddess, Mother Earth. We celebrate the combination of Scorpio and Taurus energy and you can combine these in your space also.
  4. Make love with a Conscious person. Release and Celebrate with someone who reflects your Highest Good. Someone you can trust and is able to penetrate your Soul.
  5. While alone, Light a white candle and begin to write down what you need to release. Once finished, burn the paper you just wrote – truly let go, and put in the bowl of water described above.

Keep Loving Yourself,

The Holistic Hummingbird, Self Love Sunday