Self Love for the Signs. Self Love Sunday

Self Love for the Signs.  Astrology and Self Love.

What’s your Lesson in Self Love? Check your Sun Sign below.

Astrology signs follow a karmic or cosmic wheel.  This means the signs represent various levels of growth and lessons in our lives. Our Sun signs are just one part of our chart. We also have the Moon and Rising signs as other components of our personality. I have always taught people who the sun, moon and rising/ascendant sign are like the ego, superego and id. The Sun sign represents the Ego. The Moon is the Superego.  The Rising is the Id. It is your outer personality, how you shine in the world, your core, and gives strength to the other planets. It’s an integral part of your chart, giving it life and direction. It’s how others see you, those really good at guessing signs will most likely guess your sun sign. Those that know you well will sense your rising and moon sign as we present with all facets. But, go ahead and look at the lessons for your Moon and Rising signs if you know them.  If you need to look up your chart, do so here.

self love for the signs



You come out first.  The baby sheep of the Zodiac. You come out loud and strong, and stubborn. You initiate birth into the world thus you had to carry some major karmic responsibility. You are self-reliant but sometimes whine and scream out your needs. It is not always obvious to others when you need something because you can appear angry instead of inter-dependent. Your Self Love lesson is humility and including others. You may benefit from connecting with others in a way that is not completely self-serving. It’s not all about you, Aries. You can be a little jealous of what others have, but realize your strength and determination has given you most of what you want in life.  If you don’t have what you want, use that determination for your OWN needs in love and appreciation and success. Then, communicate your needs in a way that others want to listen to.


Determined bulls are the hardest workers and also strong and stubborn. But, you are ruled by Venus which gives you a much softer side, in love with beauty and pleasure, good food, travel, experiences that are physical. You crave touch deeply. In fact, it is hard for you to relate to the world without feeling physical. You feel best when you are exercising and using your body, whether through sex or a marathon. You are generally a misunderstood person. You can love deep, but your bull-ish nature can be tough to break though. Can you even be a little manipulative? Your lesson for self-love is to realize your self-esteem. You can have what you desire in life if you let yourself have it, saying no to what doesn’t serve you, and believing that you deserve it. You make our world more sweet, give this sweetness back to yourself.


My wonderful twins.  I am surrounded by so many of you. Highly intelligent, energetic, moody, expressive, communicative. You are all over the map. You can be extremely jealous but then turn around and be the same one who treats others in a way you wouldn’t like to be treated. You get very anxious… about anything. A hypochondriac of the zodiac (next to Virgo). You remember everything. You are intensely attuned to the intellect.  You will also try out all types of things. Gemini is the adolescent of the zodiac so that even in older age you appear younger than you are. But, this can make relationships difficult for you. Your lesson for self-love is managing to balance your internal voices and listening to the one that sounds most like the highest version of you. You can be a people pleaser but then also resent others. You like your freedom but at some point you decide that variety doesn’t always mean quality.


The Crab who so subtly walks side to side, not knowing if it’s safe to get too close to you, but once they do, they grab on as long as possible. Cancers are blessed caretakers, mothering us whether you are male or female. You care deeply with all of your emotions wrapped up in the moment. You probably cannot see how much your moods change, but the rest of us can. Not unlike Gemini, you also crave variety and stimulation. But, because you devote yourself so much to others you are probably the hardest hit when it comes to letdown, disappointments, and bad behavior from others. If you keep cool for too long, you will hide in your cave or crevice and others will most likely lose interest in seeking you out. Your lesson for self-love is continuing to love and seek what you need even when it feels that others are not providing you security. We love and need you Cancer. We need your love.


So playful, bold, expressive and full of life and passion. You are attractive just by being you. Your hair is usually noticeable in some way. You tend to show off a little – whether it’s through your skills, talents or possessions. When you struggle in life, you do that in a big way too. You want others to take notice. You exercise your talent with fierce passion and are not usually confused about who you are in this lifetime. But, you also crave admiration and recognition. You will attempt to inspire others as one strategy. Leos, you may rely too much on the outer world for your esteem. Your lesson for self-love is expressing yourself in a way that doesn’t rely on the approval of others while simultaneously being willing to find your SELF. You will find others that may want to worship you, but if they don’t, you will have to figure out how to express your needs, desires, and Self in a way that doesn’t feel overbearing. Otherwise, we love your sense of adventure, the attention you bestow, and your creativity.


You are interesting mix of puritanical and wild child. The earthy Goddess or God of the Zodiac, a virgin, a craftsman. You are precise in words and actions. You tend to follow the rules, but if no one is looking you break them, and your own, with no hesitation and you punish yourself. It’s hard being perfect. You are a doer and like to do a good job in whatever you are doing. You don’t need praise and recognition like Leo, but you don’t mind it. You are a great caretaker, others feel welcome and comfortable in your presence. Your esteem issues don’t lie in the hands of others like some of the other signs.  You struggle more with your own voice.  Your lesson for self love is loving yourself without constant criticism and knowing esteem comes with accepting imperfection. The more you can accept your own imperfection the better your chances for relationships that reflect balance and the love that you so deeply seek.


You are such a giver. You are the only non-animal or human sign of the zodiac, truly Air and ruled by scales.  You represent balance and justice. When you don’t receive what feels fair, you are miffed. You are hurt when others do not understand your motives because you truly believe your motives are sheathed in truth and the higher good. You are intelligent and your attractiveness is Venusian style beauty.  Libras can be so into how things look to others that they are not true to themselves, and sometimes not completely honest with others.  You seek a partner in everything business to pleasure. You don’t like to be alone, would rather have the perfect partner to do it with but you definitely strong enough to do it and will, when necessary to find your balance again. Your lesson for self love is to learn to express your emotions and not hold them back for the sake of appearances, peace or getting what you want. Libras, you are very sweet, and you will behave this way because you don’t want an ugly scene. You will sweet talk and charm to avoid conflict. But, in the end, you will eventually need to learn to be more raw and not worry as much about the reactions of others. Be real and you will attract what you need.


The seasoned Scorpion looks at some of us with a smirk, don’t you Scorp?  You are full of depth, sensuality and spirituality. When in your presence, your family and admirers are well cared for, given focus in the moment, and you know what they need and who they are sometimes before they do. Your intuition is unusually adept, close to Pisces. Scorpios have separate lives. You are yourself in one or two circles and you have relationships outside those circles that you may not be as much yourself. You are careful with your emotions and are considered secretive. Scorpio doesn’t like to be alone and desire intimacy more than many signs. Your self love lesson, Scorpio, is to realize you do not need to self destruct in order to have your needs met. You are worth just as much as you give to others. We sense your ability to take us to other galaxies with your love-making and your enduring devotion. We also sense you are holding back in some ways. It is in recognizing that intensity doesn’t mean death. You will be best to not to sacrifice everything for everyone.


Who doesn’t love an interesting and fiery Sag? Sag, you are the opposite of Gemini and share many traits. You are highly energetic, active, social, and shoot your arrows in the direction you want to move and breathe and end up traveling, learning and engaging a great deal. You are not one to sit still. In fact, you can be a little intense, somewhat of a know-it-all and pinning you down is difficult. The positive to this is your vast knowledge and vision, and the rest of us get to benefit. The negative is that you can be so direct hitting and non-diplomatic that your feedback is painful. The point is, you are a Visionary.  You want to bring world peace, the newest discoveries in health and medicine, a spiritual path that no one else has experienced. Your self love lesson is to know when to rest and attend to responsibilities.  This is mostly due to your scattered energy.


Committed, career-focused Cappies are the ones making the “old money” work for them. They either have inheritances or an uncanny ability to know the numbers and work them in a way for long-term security.  Charming, stoic and the ideal of a masculine man or a feminine woman, Cappies are stable but work hard to become that way. You have to feel secure in the physical with possessions, money in the bank, and a lifestyle that they feel reflects your hard work. Unlike a Sag, Cappy can be very focused, cares for others, and provides for others. (Sag may like to be alone, single, and doesn’t want to necessarily provide for others). You, Capricorn, are often misaligned.  Many Cappies will have deep family ties, taking care of generations of a family or pets. It is hard for you to identify outside the family. You are the Goat, strong-willed, hard-headed and will protect what is yours. Your self love lesson is to worry less about materialism and relax more into feelings and expressiveness. We know you need positive feedback. We see how hard you work. But, what we don’t see is how you feel about us. You can handle emotion, Capricorn, as you are obviously so good at most things you touch.


An air sign getting through the Karmic wheel is one who is looking at the Whole, rather than just the Self. Aquarius, you are brightly attuned to community causes, what will benefit a culture at large and doing your part in achieving change. You are spiritually aware and unlike Capricorn who seeks individual recognition, you are out to create the purist form of equality and you do so with compassion. Yet, you may sense that others have a hard time seeing your intentions as coming from your heart, rather than just your head. You are mental and objective and like to dissect for hours, meanwhile, you haven’t necessarily moved this conversation towards the feeling of compassion, and instead feel more comfortable discussing it. Your self love lesson is to realize your capacity for caring changes people on an individual level which can benefit the whole.  In your quest for a other-worldly experience you may get into interesting and unusual relationships that do not make sense to others. But, this is because you feel more comfortable in being detached. Attachment is just as a change agent as idealism.


Oh, lovey and lovely Pisces. You are the sweetest and sometimes most misunderstood of all signs. You are two fish swimming in different directions. Some say those fish represent going on a spiritual and intuitive path versus a downward stream (material path) which leads to self destructive behavior as you carry the weight of the world behind you. You have walked through all the other signs and contain aspects of all of them. You understand almost everyone. What you realize is that being at the end of Wheel means moving towards the Divine. You feel deep and wide and this gives you a lot of responsibility. You feel drawn to so many different directions, upstream and downstream. You feel feel feel. You love taking care of others, family, friends, spouses, animals. Your self love lesson is being able to take care of yourself. Love yourself. Make time for your own feelings.  Pisces, you don’t need to suffer to save the world. Once you can learn self-determination and solve your own problems, you will benefit others more completely.



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