The role of the Neti pot for a cold virus

Himalayan Neti starterkitThe Neti Pot can be a lifesaver when you have a cold that starts in your sinuses or begins as a tickle in your throat.  You receive a cold virus through a few places, your ears, eyes and your nose, through a type of virus of which there are over 200 types.  Mucus forms and gets thicker and this is when you begin to find frustration with breathing, fatigue, head-aches, and sore throats.  The reason you get the cold in the first place can be due to lack of sleep (AMA abstract) and malnutrition (Diet, Exercise and Immune System) In fact, lack of nutrition and sleep can cause other immune problems such as pneumonia and the flu.  I will get more into healthier immune systems at a later time but want to give a short background about how you receive colds in the first place.

I have heard persons say, I never get sick.  Perhaps they were breastfed, were never around second hand smoke, drink a lot of water, eat a healthy diet and probably don’t have children.  Okay, that last one is kind of a joke, but having kids appears to increase your risk factor for contracting more colds as children receive more (an average of 6-8 a year) and their immune systems are still developing.  I remember experiencing this when my daughter first started a new preschool and I got sick right along with her.  Quality of sleep can also be a factor with young children thus mothers tend to get sick more often if they are the primary caretaker, men if they are the caretaker.

Unfortunately, there will be times when you “catch” a cold, mostly due to viruses.  It could be due to the fact that the “cold season” has shown up.  An interesting article talks about why this season occurs (Why do we get the flu)  which has to do with 1) kids going back to school and bringing the viruses to one another and their families, and 2) certain persons are carriers with no symptoms themselves and infect others.  When the symptoms hit you and your family, the particularly wonderful thing you can do is use a neti pot.

A neti pot is an Ayurvedic practice from ancient India.  It cleanses the sinus passages, moistens them and can prevent future colds, flu and allergies.  It is a CLEANSING for this part of your body just as there ways to cleanse others parts of your body.  Mucus needs Cold-and-Flu-Seasonto be cleansed as it can form in excess.  You start to hear the sniffling, snorting and blowing around you.  Or, you personally sense a need to constantly clear your throat or feel that nagging sensation to clear your sinuses but you can’t quite to it yourself with the snorting, sniffling or blowing.  The excess mucus can be quite sticky and thick.  But, there is the finding that not only is there mucus that is an issue but the tissue lining of the nose is swollen, making it harder to breathe.   These are all signs you need to cleanse.  Here is a HOW TO Video which you can learn from.

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Article written by Cynthia Djengue

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