The role of Self Love in Coaching

In this article, I want to review how Self-Love assists in the role of Coaching.  It is necessary to have a connection between Mind, Body and Soul and some ways you can develop this.  When we help others it is imperative to love ourselves and become aware of our needs in the process of guiding others to better health, wellness and body-mind-spirit connection.   I chose a unique message in my Coaching.  While I feel it is important to teach others about nutrition, holistic products and lifestyle, it is imperative that I teach Love in all my work.  Healing the body doesn’t work without healing the mind and the soul.

During a recent Detox Cleanse for Women that I hosted with women across the United States, I made some interesting discoveries about what the lack of certain foods does to women.  I had my own subtle addictions and habitual routines that I had to re-work but felt the pull of being an example to be more important than my own nagging mind and stomach trying to tell me what to do.  If I was not able to have some control over my Body then I would have not been any use to these women.  How do you this you ask?   I give myself a lot of love.   This comes in various forms and looks different for different people.  I used to judge myself when I would compare myself to others.  I don’t do this anymore.

“The world is changed by your example, not your opinions.” Paulo Coelho

Many women discussed their bodies were not used to detoxing, or the two nurses in the group shared they had to work long shifts and didn’t think they could get through them without caffeine (but they both did successfully for the first time in years).  Another said she was frustrated with her spouse.  Another was confused about the what to eat, when, and how much.   Food can control some people’s lives in a very subtle way.  It is when we put a non-judgemental look at our lives and how we let the outside force our direction, rather than the inside, that we can create real change.  Many felt, at the end of the Detox, much more able to discern true hunger and need rather than eating due to lack of intimacy, having negative emotion, or feeling too busy to take care of themselves.  Self love is necessary for transformation.

Over the years I have told myself, I need to lose weight.  When I became a Health Coach, I said, now I really HAVE to lose weight.  No one is going to take any advice from me if I don’t “look like a Health Coach” – as if there was such a look.   When I view the work of the thousands of graduates from IIN, I see huge diversity.  It forced me to transform my thinking.   I no longer needed to lose weight.  Instead I wanted to feel healthy, alive, more energy, in alignment with my purposes and intentions in life.  It wasn’t about judging about how I looked, rather, how much more I could love myself.  Our mind often instructs us to think or feel things that really aren’t true.  It is not because our minds are inherently evil or a separate part of us, rather, our Mind is not connected to our Spirit or our bodies.

How do we Connect our Mind and Body, or Mind and Spirit?

One way to connect the parts of ourselves is to focus on the sensations and messages from the Body.  I have learned some of these skills from a modality of therapies and exercise but the two that stand out are Reiki and Yoga.   I have been able to open up to Energy and it creates a huge visual and spiritual download that I can almost instantaneously receive deeper messages.  The right healer can provide a loving and comforting travel companion towards seeing that is what is deep consciousness, wanting to be discovered.  With yoga, I have been able to stretch, twist, and support my Body in new ways each time I experience a new yoga teacher or attend a different class.  Yoga teachers may call this Pratyahara – withdrawing from the senses outside the world and focusing on the inner senses.  Again, yogis come in all shapes and sizes, don’t judge yourself when it comes to trying this amazing journey to body awareness because of any misconceptions you might have about who is involved in the yoga community.

Any good yoga teacher will explain that yoga is a relationship to self.   Yoga is process of transformation. Here is one teacher, Mandy Ingber: “Over the years, there have been several turning points and incidents which could be viewed as unfortunate, however, within each of these experiences there was fuel.  There was the opportunity to take that very same energy, hold it, and let it burn until something pure appeared. In essence, I have found that my ability to take any incident and transform it into something valuable and beautiful far outweighs any storybook fantasy I may have had.”

The above quote sounds like Alchemy, a concept I recently wrote about for #selflovesunday at The Holistic Hummingbird.    I like this concept for Coaching.  It is about creating a transformational process that assists someone in moving towards perfection or liberation, a pure form, possibly a return to our Souls, a white light.  As I continue my process towards my own pure self, I celebrate the journey with another.  My gift has been to help others, I have done this my entire adult life.  I help others to move towards realization of their own strengths, ability to connect the parts, and wants to light the flame of their life, expanding further into the white light.  Self love heals.

3 Replies to “The role of Self Love in Coaching”

  1. Beautiful ! I absolutely agree- self love is NUMBER 1 in healing the body ! ( mind and spirit as well 🙂
    I love that you connect being grounded in the body as a way to connect with self and experience what is really going on. Yoga is a tool I use daily also- as well as mediation and abdominal breath. Thanks for the great reminders 🙂

  2. This is so very true! Our judgments, thoughts, and attitudes form how we perceive the world around us. We have the power to either nurture and love ourselves, or tear ourselves down. I really enjoyed what you said about letting the energy burn until something pure comes from it. It is really that simple. Thank you!

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