The real New Year is Now. January 2015. Astrology. Self Love Sunday.

On this Self Love Sunday, we explore the New Moon in Aquarius and how this moment sets up the perfect time to create your New Year for 2015!

Astrology and Self Love.

Why is the real New Year now? Because Aquarius New Moon is coming January 20th and I am personally excited about the possibilities. The New Year is simply a celebration of another milestone that we made it through a growth period of 12 months. We can choose to focus on new possibilities and opportunities and make resolutions, or promises to ourselves, that will inspire change and creative solutions to old problems.

The message of this New Moon in Aquarius has some of the aspects above as well as posing new questions to raise for our deeper consciousness. I have an Aquarius Moon, for instance, and thus, this New Moon will affect me in my Moon. There is a great description of the Moon in Astrology here at Cafe Astrology, but basically it is the Unconscious, Feminine, Moods/Emotions, our Personality and the Id (Freudian). Thus, this New Moon is going to affect me in my Moon the most and I will be able to set intentions for “new” in the aspects that my Moon suggests.

At the same time, Aquarius is a unique sign, in my opinion. She (because Aquarius is feminine) likes her space, her solitude, and yet, at the same time, you will find her sitting comfortably in community, wanting to create change, intelligently speaking with passion for friendship and love. She is a caretaker but you will feel her detachment. She is a fixed sign, which mean she is not always flexible and can be a little annoying with her  inability to get too emotional. But, she is an inventor, innovator and puts friendships first. She can be sexy, super seductive, but in a very original and intellectually stimulating manner. She can keep things exciting.

Let’s combine this with the Aquarius New Moon approaching and why you can make this day, January 20th, a special day for new beginnings and intentions. Perhaps you have found yourself taking a lot of space, you’ve needed it.  Many persons have been struck with illness, which also prompts time for introspection. I discussed this last week. This New Moon is an opportunity for you to look deep within and see where the internal obstacles are from creating the life you desire. As I say every Sunday, Self Love is taking care of your desires and wellness. This New Moon is a perfect opportunity for you to observe and manifest more Self Love. The other aspects to consider are Aquarius is in the first degree area of the sign which makes it even stronger for “new” and Mercury in Venus, plus Sextile Saturn mean that relationships can be reviewed, renewed, re-organized.  It will most likely be romantic partnerships or sexual connections, or perhaps a break from the Mother figure or something that represents the feeling of holding us back from our ultimate freedom.

We might find Love, renew love, and if not careful, we might let that ex back into our lives or let a new relationship slip through which we know is not for our Highest Good. As described above, Aquarius can be very sexy and creative. Many will find this as a time of discovering ability to communicate our needs more directly and concisely as to what we want in love, the bedroom and expressions of romance. Think about some of these questions:

  1. Where can you be more creative in your love to self and others?
  2. How is your communication with lovers, friends, spouse and family?
  3. Where do you need to heal in all types of relationships?
  4. Do you trust your instincts and intuition?  Are you being honest with yourself and know your desires?

Use the next few days and this coming week as a start to your New Year!  No matter what your sign, you have the opportunity to absorb the energies of the Universe, trust in yourself and claim this moment as yours. I speak of Self Love every Sunday and never make it the same because I want to speak to many different people. I can quote the Bible, Osho, astrologers, Buddha, Ernest Holmes or others and find that they integrate the concepts I believe in, which is the sky, the Universe, the Soul, humanity and stardust all combine to create what we know as ourselves and others. God is within us. Astrology, church, science, meditation, prayer, are portals for us to grab the Light and begin to see, not because we can touch it, but because we have faith.

There is another lesson in all of this, which is Faith. In a private group on Facebook we discussed faith, some are skeptic of the word. It’s hard to conceptualize faith and measure its outcomes because there seem to be too many variables. Whether persons or circumstances appear to thwart our efforts towards manifestation of our desires, it feels faith gets lost when the equation doesn’t rule out the possibility for disbelief or doubt. We can muster up all the courage and belief we can, focus on it, believe in IT, and consequently, it doesn’t appear we got exactly what we asked for.

Here is just one little piece of my own learning that I humbly offer. The more specific you are, as the above questions ask you to be, the closer you are to manifesting your desires. The more you realize that you indeed have created most of your Life, the closer you are to manifesting more desires. With increased Self Love, you are going to get what you want and what you need. Make this New Moon your New Year. It’s perfect and divine timing because you make it so.

What's your BIG question in life?