Spiritual Voting

While many of us are watching the political debates and creating and reflecting opinion of the candidates and their issues, there also appear to be many that say they do not care, that both candidates are liars and wish to prop themselves up on a pretend pedestal that politics do not affect or guide their lives.  While I am a deeply spiritual person and feel that I can use my sixth sense while also attending church or simply spending time in nature to bring myself out of myself, I cannot deny that I live in a country with boundaries, laws, and governing structures.  Why deny the reality of the political structure and why keep silent when you have a choice, a voice, and the ability to indeed change lives?  And, the whole world is watching. Voting is important, and politics are our avenue towards choosing the issues we align with as well as the candidate that most closely represents or values.


Throughout history we can name many individuals and groups who have used politics, voting, and community organization for change for the betterment of our country which extends to the rest of the world.  In American history, Colonial voters with property and were able to pay taxes, usually white men, were the only members of the country to vote.  Eventually the African American population, the Native Americans, immigrants, and finally women were allowed to vote.   Abraham Lincoln, Susan B Anthony, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Martin Luther King, President John Kennedy.  The Daughters of Bilitis (DOB), the first lesbian organization in the United States, was founded in 1955.  In the 1960s – 1970s there was a wonderful period of change.  Some called it the Age of Aquarius, which is also the period that some relate to an astrological era of which we will not experience ourselves, rather future generations, in approximately 500 years .  It is discussed that this Age of Aquarius, or AA, is a period in which persons have greater access to information, resources and one-ness.

Deepak Chopra writes:  “Within the Zohar, there’s a prediction that in the Age of Aquarius, everyone will know the secrets of the Kabala because they’ll be essential principles of life. Scientific knowledge and advancement was necessary in order to bring about the Age of Aquarius, where all people recognize the laws of nature. That time is now. Our amazing access to information, through resources like the Internet and our generally global world, make this the time when accessing this long-hidden information is possible.”  Sources also say that the Age of Aquarius will create more interest in organic and natural lifestyles, healthier environments, unity, brotherhood.  The AA is  “intended to unify all religious organizations and liberate everyone from prejudice, religious dogma, closed-minded thinking, and materialism. Everyone will start on one’s own inner search for the true Self, and transform one’s self into a new culture of enlightened or fully awakened Truth seekers. In tune with the eternal Soul, all nations throughout the world will be healed by their influence. ”


Time will begin, for some, to feel quickened, more connected and perhaps more unified.  Persons who can attune to this change and embrace it will also want to be part of the change and to extend their efforts as far as possible.  This change will extend worldwide and persons will continually push towards love and unify.  I found a wonderful resource for Spiritual Voting which leads you to ask yourself questions about the issues, the candidates and an action for others who have died for our rights.  As you vote you want to think about how to join, in unity, your voice with others to create positive change.  A Holistic way to participate in voting might be to ensure that you are, as Gandhi says, “the change you want to see.”  Rather than just voting, which is so important and necessary as a right and privilege in our country, you will also be creating transformation.  You send a message to others in your community and throughout the World that you are supporting values, and a candidate, that supports unification and harmony.  You can continually use your intuition, prayers and meditation to guide you.  Many spiritual teachers will also express the importance of intention.




Wayne Dyer has written extensively on the Power of Intention and I found some words he wrote during an election period eight years ago.   This excerpt from Dyer was eerily predictive for 2004:


“The big social issue right now in this new election is the gay marriage thing. Now, it’s a complete non-issue and there’s no possibility in this world that there will ever be a constitutional amendment to the United States Constitution identifying marriage as whatever it is. It’s never going to happen, it could never happen.  But other ideas have to happen. The fact is that just when it was time for slavery to end, then when it was time to integrate the schools of this country, and when it was time for women to vote, and when it was time for smoking to end on airplanes and all of those other kinds of things, those kinds of ideas simply could not be stopped.
The question is whether you’re on the side of the angels or not.  Is your internal energy one that is connected to the will of those who are more connected to source — a source that says we exclude no one, that no one has more privileges than anybody else, that no one is any better than anybody else?  That’s God Consciousness, and when God Consciousness begins to surface, it can’t be stopped. It just picks up people as it goes along.


I just saw a movie on the women’s suffragette movement called Iron Jawed Maidens. Look at President Wilson back there in 1918 and 1919, fighting women getting the vote. It was just an idea whose time had come. Our Constitution was developed at a time when people forgot that half the population was left out. They left out 50 percent of the people to make decisions — and more than that, because if you were black, you were left out too. Those kinds of ideas are not consistent with spiritual awareness and spiritual consciousness. The same thing now is true of George W. Bush, who down the road in the history books is going to look like a fool.”




The fact is, your vote counts.  I encourage you to vote with your heart, your Spirit and intentions.  As a Holistic believer I encourage you to bring good intentions with you.  The next debate is October 22, 2012.  This may help you decide if you have not already voted by absentee ballot or are heading to the polls in November.  If you haven’t yet registered to vote, please do so here.  Namaste my voting friends and Holistic believers.


Cynthia Djengue, BA, MSW, CHC

Holistic Coach

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