Self Love Sunday – New Moon Virgo Solar Eclipse

Welcome to another Self Love Sunday. We are going to experience a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Surely you’ve been reading some about this Moon occurring on September 13, 2015 with its effects being felt for six months. It’s also a Solar Eclipse. Let’s review the differences between a New Moon and Eclipse. A New Moon is the space between full moons, and a chance to begin again with that particular sign’s lessons and outlook. Each New Moon has a new planet that corresponds to it. An Eclipse, on the other hand, is less often. There are four this year and in two different sign families. According to Susan Miller, @AstrologyZone, “Any eclipse is a significant event in the heavens. In truth, a solar eclipse is really a new moon on steroids and a lunar eclipse is a full moon on steroids – they have the strength of a new moon or full moon times three.”

You can see, then, that this New Moon and Solar Eclipse carry quite a punch. Many have been writing and talking about how shit is hitting the fan, while others seem to be at their peak in life and experiencing some real abundance. Why all the differences? It is obviously based on your Astrology Chart, but it is also relevant to notice where you are on your path. Are you saving up energy for big change while others have seemingly spent it and are going to be hit hard by this moment in time? Are you hearing more about diseases and sickness of friends,  a big breakup after Venus moved direct or oppositely, a couple finally announces their engagement? Some seem to have planned their changes in life, while others are going to be hit with a big surprise.

The big surprises are perhaps what makes us all a little nervous. It seems like you have a plan in mind, expect that others will not notice your scheming in the background, and you find yourself shocked with what happens. ‘Wow, that came out of nowhere’, you assume. I don’t know about you, but these kind of surprises, no matter how much you meditate, do yoga, or practice mantra, feels a little frightening. With Libra in Mercury, we will try to see all sides and advance closer to balance in our actions and decisions. The communication may not feel so bad if we are willing to weigh the other person’s point of view (Mercury Retrograde in Libra through October 9th). But, Mars in Leo gives us a little ego problem, or, rather it can. Again, it depends on what you want to manifest and what you are willing to work through.

New Moon Virgo

Jupiter is also in Virgo from August 2015 – September 2016. This only intensifies all this Virgo energy. You should look up where Virgo is in your chart, do that here. Then you need to calculate which House Jupiter is in. (If you need a chart, contact me ). It will tell you more about how Jupiter will be relevant for you this next year. The bottom line for all this Virgo energy is that we will be focusing on health, learning, service to others, holistic concepts, increased privacy and solitude. Leo was all about the attention, Virgo creates reserved space for healing. Please notice that when I mention healing, it can be in any form in any area of your life. You may need to heal your confidence, or your body in some way, your relationship with your Dad, or your ability to do more exercise during the week. Something has been nagging at you and it’s time to pay attention to that, to heal it.

It’s like that Ray Montagne song, Be Here Now, we will are about to see what our soul’s plan is. It might to get rid of some attachments to ideas, stuff, or certain types of relationships or people. As Ray swoons, “Don’t look for love in faces, places… It’s in you, that’s where you’ll find kindness.” Yes, this is what Self Love Sunday is all about. It’s not my experience in life that makes it so, but what you and I are experiencing together, and individually, which makes kindness and sweetness and new life occur.

Yes, romance and love and some sexiness will still happen. Venus is back in retrograde in Leo through October 9th. This could mean a lot of things. I wouldn’t assume you meet the love of your life right now. In fact, with all the Virgo energy you can feel quite picky and critical. Virgo is selective and Leo is not necessarily less selective, but full of fun, passion, and being in the moment. Leo may influence you to think more about love affairs, heavy on the flirting, large gestures of “love” (picture getting a Ferrari on your 18th birthday kind of overtures).

For many signs, you will feel fine, just another New Moon and Solar Eclipse.  Others of you are going to want to escape this unimaginable hell that you got yourself into. You aren’t taking care of yourselves, you are overwhelmed, your adrenal glands are screaming for rest and less stress, your relationships are rocky or non-existent. Sex… what’s that? Try not to be too hard on yourselves, but definitely think about healing at this time. You are going to be healing and moving on. (I love this little video about “moving on” by the way). You will want to clean up, organize, and move on. It might affect others, or you might choose to make these changes with less drama and simply move on without having to make big claims.  Either way, it’s time for some Self Love in the many of the areas listed above.

You are at pivotal point. Think about where this point is exactly. It is most likely in one area of your life – spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, or psychological. Depending on your chart, the effect could be a few hours or a few years. This is why I said earlier, some will seem to skate through and others will appear to be falling apart at the seams. The Eclipses will affect everyone, and the New Moon also happens for everyone. Virgo is mostly about healthcare and holistic health in particular. I am offering a DETOX CLEANSE for my readers, clients and friends who want to participate. You can sign up HERE.

Whether you are purifying your spirit, your relationships, your sexuality, financial prosperity, your home and physical surroundings, your body and health, or your thoughts, you have great opportunity to make it happen. Set your intentions on this Self Love Sunday and know that it doesn’t end on Sunday, so much of the energy carries through for hours, weeks, months or years depending on your chart. The theme right now is BIG change, so no change you make now will feel small. There are so many planetary alignments and positions which affect your pain threshold. This means your body and intuition will tell you what it needs, if you are listening. Pay attention to #selflove clues, please! We are asked to take care of ourselves in so many ways, whether it’s saying no to another lover or one night stand (Venus), turning down another pro bono client or barter experience (Jupiter), or finally asking for what you want from a job/project position or friend/colleague (Libra or Chiron – the wounded healer).


4 Replies to “Self Love Sunday – New Moon Virgo Solar Eclipse”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I have always been so intrigued with the moon, retrogrades, solar eclipses and all the effects o the human body, mind, and spirit. This was very informing and I look forward to reading more.

  2. As you so aptly put it, Cynthia, the theme right now is BIG change.
    New moon eclipse in Virgo this past weekend. Very powerful energies afoot.
    Got health or work issues that need healing change? This eclipse can give you a giant kick start in the right direction.
    Crisis + awareness + action = breakthrough.
    Thank you for this very timely post!

  3. You are absolutely right, self love is indeed very crucial to our overall well being and in our decision making.
    And just taking the time to assess and pinpoint the area’s of need in our life is the first step to making the required change.

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