New Moon May 2016 Taurus

New Moon May 2016 Taurus

New Moon Energies are:

  • A time for tapping into your lunar energies which symbolize goddess and feminine energy
  • A chance to tune into messages from the Universe through the tool of ancient planetary position study
  • Every moon phase has a different energy and brings a message based on this energy
  • It can generate a fresh start, new beginning, and births momentum of what needs to manifest

A New Moon in Taurus:

  • Taurus is ruled by Venus and loves comfort, good food, pleasant surroundings, hard work and payoffs for a good job well done
  • Taurus is a very physical sign and will make things show up such as money, property, business, and love
  • Taurus can be headstrong, forceful, bull-headed, and loves to spend on luxuries, money can be an issue
  • This full Moon in Taurus is met with a Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto which means that if you plan methodically and carefully, you will be able to manifest what it is you desire


Since I mentioned above, twice, the term MANIFESTATION, let’s focus on that. With a New Moon energy with a a Grand Trine you definitely have the chance of manifesting some abundance in your life. Like my friend’s husband said the other day, “Let’s let April showers bring May flowers.” Yes, let’s do that. The past few months for some signs has been unbearable. There have been tests of strength and endurance when it comes to finances, relationships and trying to manifest something. The month of May could very well be the time that you will find relief and forward movement and this New Moon will be the right energy to make it happen.

new moon may taurus

When it comes to manifesting things in your life, what is your current approach? Do you whine and complain, push through and work hours on end, gather information and intellectualize all your options, ask your guides and everyone possible outside of you, or, pray pray pray or meditate, meditate and meditate? There is nothing wrong with any of those options but perhaps you can learn from those that teach on manifestation. It appears that I was drawn to manifestation messages this week as I prepared this post. I have been listening to several leaders in the manifestation industry. I have been writing over and over, and hearing the strong message over and over, to SLOW DOWN and sometimes even DO NOTHING.

I know that doesn’t make sense to a lot of you. Why would I slow down and do nothing when something needs to happen? I need money. I need a job. I need a relationship. I want sex. I want more time. I want a nicer car. I want to know my calling. I want to make a difference. How can I do NOTHING when I WANT and NEED so much? Because…

How to Manifest by doing Nothing

If you try to force something to happen, especially if you feel defeated, confused, doubtful and desperate you are going to attract more of that. Abraham Hicks discusses this concept a lot, as does meditation experts, such as Lao Tzu, who said “Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.” It is better practice to enjoy your life, practice joy, pleasure and fun than to create a lot of tasks to keep busy so that you feel productive. You want to feel happy before attracting happiness, for instance. It’s even possible that action does not create anything in itself. Value does not just come from action, says Abraham, the only true value is alignment with the Energy that creates worlds.

At this New Moon, I want you to consider doing less. Even most astrologers will be saying to take action now as now is the time based on the planetary positions. I want you to take astrology influences a little deeper and also use your intuition. I want you to ask yourself how you manifest things, situations or people in your life. You have done this before, so think back. Did you journal about it? Pray about it? Did you take a lot of action? Did it feel like a struggle or did it feel easy? Were you able to say something out loud and have it show up within a few weeks or months? Think about something you manifested, either good or bad, and how you believe you made it happen.

Now, I want you to think about how to make this easier for yourself. Do nothing. Feel everything. Do the wonderful things that make you feel this Taurean energy – whether it’s a romantic evening, eating at the best restaurant, dressing in your best, smelling and feeling your sexiest, and then feeling deeper into this without guilt, fear, shame or ego. Rather, you do nothing in the direction of the action that you think you should take and rather do something simply because it feels good. This is using New Moon energy in Taurus the best way I can think of. Your life depends on you feeling good, being on top of your game, no matter what your “reality” looks like since you realize you are the creator of your reality.

I was speaking with a friend this week about her new relationship. All of their energies appear aligned – values, interests, hobbies, spirituality and future plans. My friend has been working at becoming more clear about what she wants to attract. I am so happy for her. Another friend talks about her career synchronization, emails or phone-calls come to her when she is thinking about them, a proposal shows up at the exact time she is considering change at her current position. How did they do this, you ask? How are they attracting such good things in their life?

You know what the secret is? They are spiritual but they are not deliberately spiritual. They have learned to use more consciousness about what they want and are definitely taking some actions, but they are being themselves, giving to others, living their lives based on their values. This is what I mean about doing nothing. Some confuse it with taking no action at all in any part of life. No, that’s not what I mean. It’s more about believing that something or someone will show up because you so much desire that idea of romance or business idea that you can feel it.

On this New Moon in Taurus, on May 6th, (a Friday here in the USA), consciously choose your feelings of desire for manifestation. With a Grand Trine signal and above lessons on law of attraction, you are required to have a good weekend. Enjoy Mother’s Day with friends or family, or even alone if that’s your desire. Stay in gratitude. As Louise Hay says, “I have noticed that the Universe loves Gratitude. The more Grateful you are, the more goodies you get.”

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