New Moon Aries, April 7, 2016 Astrology – Self Love Sunday

New Moon Astrology for April 7, 2016

It’s Self Love Sunday and  over a couple of months since I’ve written a post in the blog. I see some of you keep coming back and I wanted to provide fresh material. After all, its new moon astrology, time for new. It’s also an Aries new moon which means extra emphasis on taking action for change. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, bold, courageous and adventurous. The potential trouble with this new moon is that the already bold Aries energy gives you impetus to make big changes and Uranus and Pluto will tease with impulsive action (albeit with less force than it has in the past two years), whispering, “Just go for it” while Saturn says, “look at all your options first, slow down.” It seems like at all new moons I am telling you ‘change is here’, but this new moon takes it up a notch.

Mercury and Venus will also be in Aries this month. Your thoughts, ideas, communication and intimate relationships are also action packed. Quick decisions, blunt communication and seduction are possible. You can see where this can be cause to celebrate or cause to be more cautious. Extra care is needed with love or finances in particular. You may want to “purge” this Spring or New Moon and sometimes this could look like you leaving a job/source of income or relationship, or simply letting your words or thoughts purge onto another which could cause long-term damage. From 2012 – 2015 you may have experienced some of the toughest years of your life, financially, in your career, and/or in your relationships. Because of all these challenges many of you have learned that operating on your own was sometimes easier than trying to negotiate with others. The result is that some of you were left with feeling alone. As more opportunity comes to you, and especially in 2017, it will be hard to negotiate new relationships or careers with that acquired skill of independence. If you are about to enter a new love or new career, just be aware of this energy.

Other possibilities for this New Moon are: signing papers, contracts, new business, beginning school or some type of research or study, getting approved for a loan or moving into a new home (or suddenly being asked to leave your home), getting engaged or married (seduction), starting a totally different career or path in life, and emotional shifts in the new you, your new direction, and, new ways to believe in the world.

This New Moon is an ending to the past three years and beginning of big change. It’s time to sit and write down decisions that are before you, not forcing them to happen, rather do some deep internal work with what clearly is ahead for you. You have learned some important lessons the past few years, some you won’t want to repeat. I know where I have personally felt these lessons as a Libra sun, Aquarius moon. The commonality all will feel is a transition so big it feels like revolution. Many of this has been echoed in the current American presidential race, the people are calling for a revolution in many areas – finances, healthcare, education, equality, accountability. Many of you want to revolutionize these same areas in your personal lives and the ease to which this can happen has arrived.

The momentum has been building, as a collective and as an individual. Aries new moon is an astrological new year celebration. For those of you who want to create goals for change, or resolutions for a revolution, now is the time.  The sooner in the month, the better, as Mercury later retrogrades in April. Some surprises are coming for many of you. Be prepared as much as you can to change course of action or plans. Your days and weeks may not line up exactly like you hoped or planned. Remember, as children of Light and students of the Universe, there is no reason to fear any of the losses or things you must leave behind. It’s simply necessary. Cleaning out closets, storage units, old phone numbers and emails, and generally tidying up is a good idea. It symbolizes your preparation for the future, for the revolution. You would also be wise to save your money instead of spend your money at a time like this, another symbol for preparation. Get creative with finances, begin a savings account or retirement account. That is your practical strategy, now let’s move to your spiritual strategy.

new moon april 2016

This current astrological new moon, and the planets surrounding it the next few weeks, are pointing to the possibility for feeling a lot of discomfort. In April 2016, three planets will be retrograde, which means unfinished business, repeated lessons, or having to do something over again. It’s like the Universe giving you a nudge to ask for what you want, but to be more clear and concise about it. This is why it is so important to take your time. With Aries, there is a tendency to be self-centered. Perhaps you are focused on self because you have been hurt so much in the past or because you haven’t been able to rely on others, or, because it feels more powerful. Steer towards hope, my friend. I think you are going to like this New Moon and something is going to show up for you that really takes you by surprise.

Self Love Sunday is written by Cynthia Djengue, MSW, RM and certified Coach. Cynthia is a social worker in Phoenix, AZ. For coaching sessions, reiki healing or holistic health sessions, please view the Products page.

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