New Moon Aquarius January 2017


It’s a new moon and normally you love Aquarius for their awareness of community, change, cooperation and taking action. Think ‘Age of Aquarius.’ But, you have a rather difficult influence right now with Venus and Saturn who are square and not playing nice. You may sense some difficulty with love and/or money, perhaps on a grand scale.

This is also the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster, or Cock, with 1957 being more relevant (google search what was happening in 1957). So… we start off the new year and moon with a little Cock lesson. Men who have felt the lines blurred too much between genders may soon feel reprieve and be macho men they once were, the majority can strut their stuff (and hopefully protect their hens and chicks while at it). Venus and Saturn square will give many of you a difficult time. What’s your role in romantic or business relationships? If you want to take yourself to the next level with him or her, or want to resolve some of those money issues, think of some actions to take, write them down and discover where you can organize, clean, act and manifest. Aquarians like to use the help of others to get things done. Think group efforts.

Year of the ‘Fire Rooster’ represents Virgo. This year we will be #woke. A strong influence of alertness and awareness to detail and being prepared.

With a new president, it is necessary to consider various options as you indeed have Cock sightings and Cock fighting has begun.

The current influences may have you asking: are you ready for long term relationship? What does it look like? What are you willing to give up on or sacrifice? What can you gain? Does this career guarantee you a decent retirement? How much do you need to invest in him or her or it? All of this takes a willingness to let go of the past.

Don’t forget, as friendly as an Aquarius can be, they are a FIXED sign, rebellious, and true to themselves. Try to hem in an Aquarius and they aren’t going for it, progression and change will happen whether you stand with them or not. And so it is with you. How will you progress? Let go? Fight?

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