What I learned in 2013 – moving forward to New Year 2014

2013 was a year that started out fairly normal.   I had a corporate job, my daughter was in a great preschool and I was gliding along fairly happily.   As a single parent I was holding it together and felt complete by running my child around to activities, movies, going on trips like Disneyland, and enjoying time spent together with friends and other Moms when visionpossible.   We were alone, mostly, but we were happy and secure.  I wrote my resolutions on my Facebook page on Dec. 31, 2012, staying in, and reflecting: If I could have TWO resolutions for the New Year I have narrowed it down to habits that I wish to practice, which then become discipline. One, I want to meditate more as I feel that some of the best ideas, emotions and connection with God can derive.  Second, I also want to forgive more, on a daily basis, to years back and to years forward and to here and now.  I remember specifically, I did not sit and ‘meditate’ any time soon after those resolutions.  I was holding myself up to some ideal that sounded good – visualize and be like a monk, sitting quietly, wear a robe, begin the chanting.  It was much later in the year, after some major life changes, that I discovered different types of moving meditations, starting in the fall season and working its way through this Winter.   These were based on some of the learning I did as a tantra student.   As one of my instructors, Laurie Handlers, honestly shared, a sitting meditation was not her favorite either (“as a double Sagittarius Jew” – her words).   Another teacher, Monique Darling, who travels around the country delivering workshops and healing women’s circles, taught us that we learn to be empowered by examining our deep, “Yes” which can often be found in the ritual of boundary discovery and clarity.   Meditation is a verb, I realized.  While there are quieter versions, meditation is planning, projecting, focusing, reflecting, breathing and a precise origination of the word is:

Origin of  “meditation”:

mid 16th century: from Latin meditat- ‘contemplated’, from the verb meditari, from a base meaning ‘measure’; related to mete

buddhist-monk-mindfulness-meditationMeditation is to measure.   Measuring relation to Spirit, God, the Source, the Universe, to one another.   In this definition, I was meditating all year around and all of my adult life.  Forget the right way to do it.   I meditated on jobs, friendships, relationships, business, progress in general, and in this measuring and contemplation I gravitated to forgiveness as intended in the second half of my resolution for 2013. Forgiveness.  It is also a verb which contains elements of mental, emotional and spiritual work.   Its benefits are endless, countless books, quotes and love letters written which changed lives forever.  The entire Bible is perhaps revolved around this one action:  FORGIVE.  Persons become famous for delivering its acts of mercy, such as Pope Francis named Person of the Year 2013.  Forgiveness transforms a relationship or active thoughts we have about the circumstance we are in. Forgiveness was necessary many times this past year and continues to arise when painful memories pass through like an unwanted song that lingers in your head.  How do I use it to move forward?

The meaning of moving forward simply means to reflect and let go.  The theme of 2014 then becomes, for me, Surrender.

Instead of working towards ideals, I decided to focus on what I want and who I am.   I want to feel relaxed, to be forgiven and to forgive.   I want to continue to measure and plan.  I want to be available but will continue to uphold my necessary boundaries.  I manage on transforming me as I continue to teach and help others transform.  I do not have to follow certain rituals or rules, although they may sometimes come in as a helpful guide.  I surrender New year.  I surrender God.  I surrender Universe.    Teach Me.  Use Me.  Show me how to Serve. Some of you may choose to join me on this journey and let me tell you about a significant life-altering book club you can join.   I am starting a virtual book club for The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte.  This will be a five week group, absolutely free, that will take us a journey towards our desires and core feelings and help us to be more successful in life and love.  I write about it here and have a sign-up form for you to fill out so I can add you to the Facebook group.   This group will be closed once the book club begins.  You will just need to purchase the book and can add many of the other materials if you choose to but it will not be necessary.  This author has created the world’s biggest book club and has been impressing millions with her amazing creativity,   best-selling writing skills and originality when it comes to social media and marketing.  She is a voice and writer to be reckoned with, but she has also done the work – both in her soul and in her life. 2014 predictions

2014 is going to be a good year.  Regularly, I review over30-40 astrology websites, have memberships to many groups, read the voices of spiritual leaders, pray, speak to angels, do oracle cards, write, speak to others in the business of transformation and attend classes and workshops to peel the layers off of my own ego and defenses.  There is a harmony in the wind of change for this New Year that we are, as a community and as a world, going to address our needs with more clarity, more focus, and more determination.  While the outer world may be falling apart in some ways – deconstruction prepares for re-construction – the inner world feels at home, more peaceful and more abundant.

As we care for our selves with the highest intent, we build a foundation of imagination, innovation and tantamount inner reserves of strength.  This year is not going to be easy.   In fact, we all may have to work harder than we knew possible.  But, with simple tools like meditation, forgiveness, and surrender, how can you go wrong?  Moving forward in 2014 with me?

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4 Replies to “What I learned in 2013 – moving forward to New Year 2014”

  1. Wonderful resolutions! I love the idea of surrender as your resolution for 2014. To many people, the word surrender means giving up and weakness. I see surrender as strength. It is ceasing to fight and allowing growth and providing time to things within our control. Great article!

  2. I love this post Cynthia! A closer connection to God has changed my life. Learning to lean on and trust him in everything that I do has drastically changed my life. I’m also learning to forgive more and let things go as it blocks the flow of love and peace in my life.

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