The metaphysical meaning of Pain

How your pain has a metaphysical meaning

There is a lot of fascinating research about pain and it’s relation to metaphysical meaning. Let me detail my own experience with the preface that I have heard a lot of clients come to me and say that their doctor, and sometimes their friends, will immediately focus on their weight or eating habits. As many of you probably know already, pain is Universal, regardless of gender, age, and body composition.  I saw a new fitness trainer last week and she asked me about injuries and explained she had her own back injury.  A previous trainer explained she has struggled with thyroid disease.  Whether you are a rigorous exercise fanatic or a couch potato, both groups can experience pain. Pain is not necessarily linked to your diet or lifestyle, as you will see below, but certainly lifestyles can be improved so that a mind-body-soul healing process can take place.  Pain, though, has many sources, and just as many treatments.

Let me review my own pain history with you.  First, I have had back problems, even recently.   About four weeks ago I began to have some lower back problems.  This is not a new issue.  In fact, I used to work with persons in wheelchairs at a young age and injured my back.   Once in a while I will have flare-ups and my back can literally feel like it’s about to “blow out.”  I have been unable to walk properly or sleep without discomfort.  One of the worst examples was after a long car ride in 1999.  I lifted a big cooler full of ice and pulled my back in the simplest way possible and I couldn’t move for 3-4 hours.  I was so embarrassed.   I was meeting my husband’s college friends for the first time and felt I made the weakest impression. I did it again at a job in 2000 and again at another job in 2009.  I can look back at all these major back pulling and metaphysical learning moments and had to review what was happening in my life to case this pain. I’ve since learned that back problems are often a lack of support or foundation.  If I felt fear in a financial, relationship, or other foundational manner, I would most likely let this flow into my body.  Over the years I have learned that yoga, swimming and other gentle exercise helps my back and core.  Gentle is the key word, though, as I have a competitive nature.

I also had another injury at a young age.  I did a Van Halen type of kick off a 3 foot high step in high school driver’s ed and landed on one leg, except my knee bent sideways. I’m sure I tore something but never got it checked. I was in soccer that year and could barely run or perform before my knee would feel impossible movement and pain.  I worked with the physical therapy team and had some relief, but as I look back it was more than just a physical problem. At that time in my life I was putting a boy and fantasized romance ahead of everything and, he always made me feel small and unimportant.  My father was busy with a new wife, my brothers were in sports, and I felt I had no meaning in life, no purpose, or recognition.  I wanted it from this boy.  I even missed being in the high school yearbook for soccer because I was busy talking to him on the phone. I put a lot of energy into this person all through high school and many years after. I felt that I would somehow, someday, be loved by this person and life would have more meaning and I would feel important, loved, and recognized more than I ever had. I never knew how to feel complete in myself and was looking outside of myself. (If you are a consistent reader, you know that a lot of this stems from a mother going to prison at a young age). In college I would learn and attend group therapy for codependency. It was finally, in my 30’s, that I let go of this man forever. Once I did, much improved.

The knee pain, however, will still come back sometimes.  The knee pain is an injury, a reality you might say or even a manifestation made real, but even “reality” can be managed with meditative techniques, energy work, and other professional healing services.  Knee pain represents a lack of willingness to move forward, perhaps you are too far into your ego and you the metaphysical meaning is to “get down on your knees” to your Higher Power.  Thus, when I feel like my knee pain outweighs my ability to manage life with flow, I must take a deeper look.   Why is this showing up now?  Where am I being unforgiving?  in my ego?  feel too much pride?  not asking for help? ignoring my own need for self love?

Pain can also be self-sabotage. I was terrible at confrontation for most of my life. I wasn’t really taught how to speak up for my needs and even when I did, I didn’t trust they would be met. Thus, I formed a rather infantile personality when it came to expression of desires.  I would kick and scream rather than negotiate.  When in extremely uncomfortable situations I might develop, subconsciously, an illness, cough, or weakness that would keep me from fully showing up in the world of adulthood and compromise.  I don’t blame myself or anyone else for that.  Awareness is power.  Power can be turned into action, the action of forgiveness and strength.

Please use these questions with the utmost respect and gentleness.  For instance, I continue to work

Based on my own progress with metaphysical techniques, I have outlined some ways that you can ask questions of yourself or clients.  Please use these questions with the utmost respect and gentleness.  For instance, I continue to work part-time as a social worker with elderly and disabled clients, some are wheelchair or bed bound, they cannot walk or have Parkinson’s or the beginnings of Alzheimer’s.  Even on a good day of intuition and healing training, I would never assume I can heal someone of their disease.  Healing can be a process which takes most people a majority of their lifetime.  Some pain never goes away, some lessens, some diminishes.  It is not a measurement of faith or belief.  Rather, it is the willingness to be more aware, more conscious.

As Robert J Burrowes, writes, “If you focus attention on the pain, it will virtually always be both manageable and short-lived. Once it has your attention for the problem, your immune system will automatically start to mute the pain. Without attention full healing will never occur. Even worse, your body will store the disease or injury of which the pain is a symptom and this will keep manifesting one way or another repeatedly throughout your life resulting in chronically declining health, as well as more intense and longer-lasting bouts of pain requiring more frequent and ever-stronger distractions and drugs to suppress it, despite the fact that the human organism is designed to be as vigorous (even if differently so) in old age as in youth.

The purpose of emotional pain is the same as physical pain: to get your attention. But if emotional pain is not felt at the time (that is, it is fearfully suppressed), it will come back later to wallop you bigger and harder. Or kill you prematurely.”

My ‘metaphysical meaning of pain’ guide to healing can be broken down in a few steps:

1. Is my pain an old injury or a new issue telling me something deeper?

2. What healing methods have I tried?  still need to try?

3. Am I holding onto this pain?  Am I self sabotaging subconsciously?

4. What can I do right now to become more conscious?  I need to pray, meditate, let go, or surrender.

Pain does not have to be a bad experience if we recognize its lessons.  Pain can transform as we let the body and mind and soul connect wonderfully, as nature intended.  Our humanity and mortality become entwined and fear is no longer our enemy.  Pain becomes a signal to empty ourselves of thoughts and manifestations that no longer belong to us.  Thank your body for responding with awareness and link your mind and intentions with its desire to heal.  Again.  And, again.

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5 Replies to “The metaphysical meaning of Pain”

  1. This is such an interesting post. I know that many people struggle with pain and I love your take on it. I have a client struggling with chronic pain, and this will definitely assist me with helping her. Thank you!

  2. I absolutely agree- pain is always a “bigger” message about what is “going on” in our lives. What a gift when we can lean in and pay attention to what is really happening and deal with the “root ” of the problem. I know that change stress always shows up in my back…and ever working with ‘accepting what is” has been the gift 🙂
    thanks for this!

  3. Thanks Cynthia! Have you found this experience to be true? Have you found a better connection of mind, body and soul as a result? Would you say that when pain is dealt with correctly it has improved your overall well being? Thanks again

    1. Definitely, Dave. IF we use our mind-body-soul connection to heal then how much more powerful it is than simply relying on one part of ourselves to do all the work. It’s about balance and alchemy.

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