How to love yourself like God does

Let’s start out with this Vision of God’s love.  I was in yoga yesterday. The first class I did (I did two in a row) was Yin Yoga, the teacher practices Anusara. I have been deeply missing my daughter and now know at this time in my life how my Mother feels without being able to hold, touch and talk to her children when she wants to. This Yoga class had me in this position of feeling like I was “floating.” And, then I had a vision, and I knew I had to share it with all of you. 

I recorded it here:

And, now for some questions about God’s Love.   This was part of my #selflovesunday posts on my Facebook page yesterday.   You can follow me there or on Twitter or Instagram.

Q. What kind of behavior should I accept or not accept? How would God tell me to relate to others? My heart is open but I don’t want others to take advantage of me. 

A. A healthy and fully open heart chakra means that we hold the infinite capacity to love ourselves, our children, our parents, and even the strangers we meet on the street. We can see the inner beauty in others despite their apparent faults. It is not uncommon for tears to be shed when our heart chakra is open, for we have so much love energy to pour forth that tears are just a natural reaction. Often, a woman who is making love to a man that she is in love with will cry as part of the tender experience.

Through this chakra, we develop cords that actually link to the people with whom we are having relationships. If you were able to see auras at the heart chakra level, you would see not only the cord between two deeply connected people, but also dancing lights of color dart to and fro between two lovers. – PyschicExperiences

energy path God

Q. How would I feel if I was in alignment with God’s energy?

A. “You would be someone who is fresh and light all of the time. You would be someone who others, who know you, would say, this person is always smiling and always happy. You would be someone who others would say, it seems like all she has to do is lightly suggest something, and next time I turn around it’s in her experience. It would be like passion and adventure, and eagerness just rotating in your experience. You would vacillate between joy and contentment and exhilaration and love and satisfaction, and eagerness. It’s a wonderful state of being. You would feel confident.” – Abraham Hicks.  Would you like to have that type of existence? This is how you use God’s Energy for self love.

Q. How can I know what God wants for my life? I want to have divine access to spiritual guidance. I want to be on the right path. 

A. This is an example of when you need to use your intuition more. The Ego often disguises itself as intuition. When we force ourselves to move into a particular direction in life or to create a persona or career or some other role, it is Ego. Deepak Chopra says, “Messages from the ego are driven by self-interest. When intuition is pure, it is not motivated by self-preservation or fear. That means that unselfish intuition feels different in your body – it feels open, light and relaxed, not constricted.”

Q. What about physical health? Can I use Love to heal myself or others? 

A. Here is the reality of that question. Sickness happens, bodies morph and change on a cellular level and the body and minds of sick persons react in a variety of ways. Sickness is not the problem, rather, how we respond to sickness or illness. “A physical crisis has the enormous potential of becoming a healing crisis—a shift in consciousness may occur as we heal and as a result, we may have the need and/or the desire to alter the structure of our life, choosing to radically change how we live.” – Abigail Brenner, M.D.

Healing can and does happen. Persons heal from disease all the time. You probably know someone who has struggled with a disease or sickness, but indeed they recovered. If you can use the power of love to move throughout your Whole body you can certainly attempt to overcome disease. I worked in healthcare most of my career. I have great respect for many of the doctors and nurses I worked with. I also have had to rely on medicine at times in my life. But, I also look deeper when an illness or diagnosis shows up in life. I personally feel that we can Heal.

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Q. I want to love myself more but some say we should just love others. Isn’t it true that I need to love ourselves before we can love others? How do I balance this? 

A. Some religions teach us to sacrifice for others, and this is true, we should definitely, at times, sacrifice for others – especially out of Love. But, there are other times we shouldn’t. Again, this is when you use your Intuition. The bible, Mark 12:31 says, “The second is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” I interpret this to mean that we need to love ourselves first, and love our fellow human beings just as much. Sometimes the relationships or lack of them in life can be an example of how much we love ourselves. I like the example below:

“With self-love:  if I give you a gift, I give it because it’s what I want to do and I do it without expectation. If you don’t like it I might feel sad or disappointed, but I can accept that’s your choice. Either way, I still know that what I did was a kind thing and I still have a good sense of self-love and self-acceptance.

Without self-love:  if I give you a gift, I give it because it’s what I want to do, but I do it wanting you to like it and, by association, like me (with expectation). If you like it and praise me, I might feel warm and good about myself. If you don’t like it I might feel very sad and disappointed, leading to thoughts that I have failed and let you down. My sense of self has decreased because I didn’t fulfill my goal of you liking my gift and giving me love and acceptance back.” – Drew Coster

I send all of these self love messages to you because I want to see you smile more, to feel the expansion that I have personally been able to experience, and help you create the effervescent feeling of joy and peace and deep knowing of just how much you are Loved. It’s really within your reach, and many of us Coaches, Healers and body-workers can help you to get there.  I send you Love my Hummingbird friend. May you fly with me.

4 Replies to “How to love yourself like God does”

  1. I love the dialogue around loving yourself FIRST ! In my experience, many people with eating issues spend too much time helping others and not enough focus on themselves. While we know it feels good to be of service, we must put the oxygen mask on ourselves first..thanks for the reminder !

  2. Thank you for dialoguing about this topic. I think it’s such an important one. And it really gets us questioning our inner beliefs and asking ourselves questions.

  3. Nice post Cynthia. That was a big lesson for me. Once you stop expecting something in return, you are free and so is everyone of your family and friends. thanks.

  4. This is my #1 focus with my clients… do you love yourself enough? The is a big realization that occurs when you see the big picture that is not about the food… It’s about who you will be if you eat the food. Are you using it to hurt yourself or love yourself? I believe this is the big picture when it comes to food choices.

What's your BIG question in life?