Law of Attraction Vision Board

Law of Attraction Vision Board

Desires and Attraction are interwoven skills that can be easily discovered with a Vision Board. Law of Attraction Vision Boards helps us to manifest our desires. These desires can be anything. It may be a car, more clients, better health, a new relationship, a bigger house, a trip to Paris. The way the Law of Attraction works is through our thoughts. But, here’s the catch. The Universe gives us what we think, even if it’s negative, or pessimistic. So, this is where the training happens.

The feedback I received in some groups is that law of attraction is about being selfish, getting whatever you want, and in a sense, this is true. Although, I have a problem with selfish because I feel like it focuses on the Self, the Ego, rather than Spirit – where inspiration comes from. Mandy Peterson echos my sentiments when she says, “Used as a toy for our egoic whims, the metaphysical concepts beneath the Law of Attraction end up misguidedly supporting and enhancing our preoccupation with materialism, consumerism and our flesh natures. This naturally encouraged us to further enter into duality, instead of coming out of it; to focus within the mind, instead of the heart; to control, manipulate, and focus on outcomes, as opposed to trusting, accepting and cherishing present moment. It also served to keep us in bondage to certain manifestations and corrupt institutions that have been collectively created. (By using the term ‘corrupt,’ I mean unconscious or unenlightened).”

According to Dr. Joe Vitale​, that law of attraction is a Law, it always works. But, people get frustrated when it doesn’t work. He believes, as do I, that the frustration is due to a lack of clarity. This is where Vision Boards come in. During my Workshop, we will be deepening your ability to listen to Spirit and focus, envision and create.

Here are FIVE steps to attracting what you Desire:

  1. You need CLARITY.  Do what it takes to get clear. Join our Event for Vision Board for Getting What you Want using the Law of Attraction.
  2. You have to stay positive.  Negative or the opposite of what you want doesn’t work.  For example, I don’t want to be in another job like that, or, I never want to attract a guy like that again. Keep all words and beliefs in the POSITIVE.
  3. Continue to use your ENVISION process.
  4. Use rituals, prayer and visual cues to help you keep FOCUS.
  5. Attend my VISION BOARD Workshop this summer. This workshop will be offered locally and online

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