Spiritual Wellness

Often times clients are unaware of the pulse of their spiritual belief system.  There may have had damage from childhood, church experiences or even adult ones.  A client may have become numb to the need for a Higher Power or has simply decided there is no God.  Holistic Coaching involves a spiritual component and this is important because your habits, decisions, and lack of belief have partly led you to where you are now, which is why you are seeking out a Coach.  Spiritual cleansing is a way for you to undo the damage, connect to something bigger, knowing you are not alone in your path to healing and spiritual wellness.

Spirituality is a huge component towards holistic health!

 As part of any Wellness Coaching program, there must be a spiritual component and I can assist you with this journey through many forms without judgement of your culture, religion or self-journey.

Resources.  Spiritual Wellness could have many definitions but there are actually several persons performing great work in this arena. For instance Dr. Dan Siegel has created the Healthy Mind Platter and outlines seven daily essential activities to create well being. Elliott Ingersoll, PhD, has devised an inventory to test your spiritual wellness.  In an article, Counseling for Spiritual Wellness, authors pinpoint six dimensions of wellness where counseling is used for wellness. They pinpoint  meditation and other techniques. There are seceral online meditation sources, 
DO AS ONE is one of those.  Their goal is to create a worldwide positive impact by uniting persons in breathing and intending to connect humanity.  There are also several college level courses and programs on Spiritual Wellness, including Santa Clara University and  UC San Diego.

Film.  A long time ago, a movie, The Secret, came out.  It was immediately popular.  If you haven’t seen it already, you can buy it here on Amazon.  This movie introduced the idea of Law of Attraction to many persons who have never heard of the concept before.  It is about setting our intentions, thoughts, and attracting situations, opportunities and abundance towards ourselves.  Michael Beckwith, pictured with me above, was a voice in this film.  He has written several books and has a church in California, Agape.  You can actually watch him online at every service through his website.  My daughter and I do as often as possible.

Ask.  Whatever you choose for spiritual wellness, as far as techniques or resources, the best thing you can do is ask someone you admire what books they have read, where they learned to be spiritually centered, or what leaders they follow.  With social media so prevalent, it is very easy to find someone you admire even if they are in another country and still feel connected to them.  I asked my facebook friend, Jake Ducey, what he recommended for books and this was his answer:

For Anyone Who Maybe Interested In What Inspires Me: Cynthia asked this question to me…. “Can I ask you a quick question? What are some of your favorite books on spirituality/self-help/inspiration?”

Here’s My Top 10 Inspirational/Self Development Books, In No Particular Order…

jakeducey quote

1.) Biology of Belief
2.) Bob Dylan Chronicles (about his life)
3.) The Success Principles
4.) How To Talk To Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
5.) A New Earth
6.) Wishes Fulfilled
7.) Think And Grow Rich
8.) Selling (Zig Ziglar)
9.) Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
10.) I Am That

What's your BIG question in life?