Know what you want before saying it

Know what you want before saying it. I’ve had persons communicate with me where it is very clear we misunderstood one another. Have you ever had that happen? Do you wonder to yourself if you were the one to completely mis-communicate, or was it them?

When communication feels really off and you sink deeper into your intuition, you realize, that, indeed, you definitely did not say what that person understood. How do you resolve this?

I teach clients to know what they want before saying it. There are different ways you can do this, but below are a few tips on how to “know your beliefs” before communicating them.The most recent example I can think of is a friend and I were going to do some business with one another. We had a discussion a few days ago about what would work and it seemed fair and then, it was completely different from our discussion yesterday. All of the sudden he was approaching me as if I was his client, rather than a friend.

At first I was confused, then angry. I wondered how he could have misunderstood and turned around the perception of our conversation so quickly. But, in using my intuition I soon realized his need was greater than mine. He needed something more out of this transaction than I did. I simply told him I had no intention of becoming his client and that he and I were friends and the boundaries would get confused.

When you know your beliefs, you are better able to communicate a strong NO. Friends and colleagues may assume things and you can clear up those assumptions the better you know yourself and your intentions. Here are some tips for better communication:

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