Jupiter Virgo in 2016

Jupiter in Virgo 2016

Jupiter in Virgo has been with us since August 2015 and continues to be through September 2016. We are at the final phase of this transit. Jupiter in Virgo encourages service, rolling up your sleeves to do the work, lessons in money and abundance as well as purpose and health/healing. Can you see how much you have changed since last year?

It is one of the reasons why you’ve been asking yourself what you should do with your life, and if you should do it for the money or simply share your skills and talents with others. Some people are clear, others will need to convince themselves that they deserve it. What do you let go of? What do you move towards? Concentrate on what you want. Attract the changes you want.


It’s a time to say no to what or who you don’t want to do. If you look back to August 2015 when Jupiter entered Virgo chances are you’ve been through a lot of change and want to move to Jupiter in Libra with clarity and confidence because new opportunities for love, money, communication/media and much more will be REAL. August 2016 will be a pivotal month.

So, stop saying yes to shit you hate but realize you might have to take one for the team, be in service without much recognition, polish your resume and reputation, and treat your body with up-most care if you really want to call the shots. You’ll want to become a being who reeks of Purpose. Did you watch the Steve Jobs movie? He wasn’t exactly nice to everyone. He was extremely focused, ate clean (a Vegan for most of his life) and was able to say no to all types of offers, ideas, and opportunities. He didn’t apologize for who he was. He might have been bitter about some things, who knows!? Pancreatic cancer ended his life. 

Steve Jobs was also adopted by a middle class family. He was given up by his biological mother. According to Louise Hay’s Heal your Life, the pancreas’ main function is to assist in transforming and transporting foods and fluid throughout the body, purifying the blood and chi (life force/energy) in the body. The pancreas has a mother/feminine component. Feeling nurtured is important to the pancreas.

Steve Jobs also went to India for 7 months and perhaps learned something about intuition. He became a millionaire in his twenties.

Not many are ever going to come close to the success of Steve Jobs but you are in a current position of learning to dream big. BIG. Moving towards big dreams requires saying No, clearly, to what you don’t want. It doesn’t mean you can just jump to the next thing without hard work, dedication, losing friends, and other relationships. But, as Louise Hay will often say, What you have to give up will come back to you multiplied.  Steve Jobs died a billionaire leaving a fortune to his children and wife, whom he loved.

saying no jobs

I wrote to my mailing list last night about healing, which is a Virgo desire. I wrote:

The bottom line is healing is necessary for a prosperous life.  It propels you to adjust to what shit comes your way, (which it will, it always will) with calm demeanor and earthy confidence. Once you have experienced healing, whether internally or from another, the opportunity for self love happens.

I know what it feels like to go through hard times. According to my chart it has been delays, denials, losses and lessons since 2009.  I have also attracted abundance, achieved many goals, and learned great lessons in these years. If it has been rough for you, expect more to come back, multiplied. Be ready for big abundant change in a couple of months and prepare now for what and who you want.

Learn how to say no. Simply don’t attempt to attract anyone or anything you don’t really want. Be THAT clear.

Keep loving yourself,
Cynthia Djengue

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