International Women’s Day 2015 and Self Love Sunday

This is a story about important women who shaped my Life. I want to honor these women on Self Love Sunday:

It is International Womens’ Day which is something to celebrate! I have a lot of wonderful women in my life. They started influencing me at a young age after my Mom went to prison. As a ten year old I didn’t get to grow up with that special woman in my life. Yet, I was lucky to have had some excellent influences at different times and different places. Some of those women may never read this but I distinctly remember Margie, my first Big Sister, through the Big Sister/Big Brother program. Some family friends were Royal and Elaine Benjamin who work for Youth For Christ.  Elaine is a woman of beauty and tenacity and took me in during a transitional adolescence.  She recently survived cancer and I love her like family.  And, in undergraduate school, Salome Raheim, was a wonderful professor and academic advisor who taught me more about race and sexuality. My first job after undergrad experience was at a mental health center where I worked with persons with severe and persistent mental illness.  Mary Bernard was the Director of The Richmond Center in Ames, IA. She handed me the book, “The Road Less Traveled” and encouraged me to grad school. I got into grad school! At The University of Wisconsin – Madison, Dianne Greenley, was my internship employer and Mona Wasow, my professor, who awarded with a scholarship award.  Those were some of the best years of my life. It was also during this time I went to my first naturopathic doctor, a woman. In my mental health career I was re-introduced to Mindy O’Leary, who had long ago provided our family therapy and later became my colleague. She helped me understand family therapy and dynamics in the field.

I worked several positions in social work and sales in my 30’s but the most fun position I had was selling adult toy products all over the Midwest. I worked for two party companies and had the time of my life. I met business women making six figures and learned from some of the best. I found that I had talent in sales, marketing and internet business. I discovered another part of myself that had never been known a “business woman.”

A lot of friends and family have greatly supported and influenced me to be a better person. I would have not become the person I am today without them. I am so grateful for single mothers, married women, teachers, authors, and leaders for having the courage that they do to keep moving forward. I also bow and honor the international women who defeat impossible odds to vote, educate, write, wear certain clothing, practice their own form of religion, or want to marry another woman.

Women have helped shape history and often do not get the credit they deserve. They support the men that are at the forefront, raising the children, keeping a comfortable home, and finding time to work, play and create. Women give birth to the World.

Women have helped me to learn self love.  Now, let me help teach you. I do this through somewhat through Self Love Sunday, but I also provide individual coaching sessions designed especially for women.

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14 Replies to “International Women’s Day 2015 and Self Love Sunday”

  1. This was such a beautiful article. I loved the quotes. As women we wear so many hats. Thank you for sharing about your accomplishments. I felt positively pushed and encouraged.

  2. Wow! What a great idea for a blog post. I loved it as well as reading your story. I’ve always been curious about Big Brothers/sisters. It’s nice to hear you had such a positive/influential experience.

  3. How lucky we are to have great role models and strong women to learn from. Thank you for sharing all the strong women who have influenced your life. It sounds like you have been blessed. ~Cathy

  4. I love that there is now a day to celebrate women and remember all the positive we bring to each others lives. We truly need each other and honoring those who have been there for us is essential.

  5. You have been blessed throughout your life with influential women. I have had my mom in my life and it hasn’t always been the best. But I did learn to love others by her giving heart. Sunday has passed but I can still celebrate! Thank you!

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