Intentions aren’t just about you

Intentions aren’t just about you

The Universe is always in charge. I just heard a clip from Marianne Williamson about intentions. I’ve listened to her, Wayne Dyer, and others for years. My church is reading and listening in person to those I perceive to be Spiritualists.  A spiritualist, in my definition, is someone who looks at the world from a spiritually holistic perspective. It is never about religion, ancient law, exclusivity, or violence. In fact, Spiritualism was born in the 1800’s, much like I described.  The spiritualist movement first sought to rule out slavery and violence against women and attempted to create connection between the afterlife and present day.  Mostly women began talking to spirits, or Spirit, exactly what Abraham Hicks does today. The reason Spiritualism faded out was because of frauds. People called themselves mediums or psychics who were not authentically that. I think we even more of a problem with these types of frauds today. People call themselves intuitive or able to speak to angels, or the dead, or God, and pass on messages to followers or fans. Many times it is behind a pretty face or well packaged marketing campaign.

Intentions, as spoken about by spiritualists I admire, are a somewhat misconstrued system. At some point, I believe that intentions and Law of Attraction got caught up in the bordering fraudulent circles. We’ve heard the message, “Believe it will happen, or have the intention…” and the proverbial IT will happen. Too many have been disappointed when their IT doesn’t happen, or want to take credit for the power of their intention when the IT does happen. I have seen this in my own life and countless others. A friend will say, “I finally met a girlfriend/boyfriend,” and some congratulate and exclaim, “That was the power of your Intention!”  And, yet, when the same person loses a job or business, or gains a bunch of weight, or gets hit by a drunk driver, you often do not make the same proclamation about Intention, do you? Intentions, aren’t just about you.

How to listen with Self Love

The Universe is always in charge. Some would equate the Universe with God, or with Spirit, the highest form of intuition, the all of what is good. When you listen to yourself first, in Consciousness, you listen to the Universe. You are incarnate beings of the Universe, set here to have an experience and be used by the Universe for the higher good. You separate from purpose, or the Source, when you doubt, let fear decide, or find yourselves in competition with one another. Sometimes this competition or setting apart happens just in your mind, but this is where the Universe will reflect where you are. You don’t get everything you want, not because you don’t deserve something, or aren’t setting the right intentions, but rather because the Universe has other plans.  Yes, it’s that simple.

This is why self love becomes important, not just in the life of a spiritual person who wants the best in his or her life, but because loving yourself deeply and truly attracts most of the same. It’s a system or strategy of working with the Universe. The Universe sees the best in you and yet, will direct you to circulate the Higher Good. I think the difference of Spiritualists and Spirit becomes most apparent in this definition.  Spiritualists are not Spirit, thus you are sometimes learning information or absorbing lessons from those that are not pure forms, not without sin, are still moving and working towards the higher good. Thus, listening with self love filters means that you will, in the end, know what and who is best for you. Making mistakes along the way towards enlightenment is a given.

Awareness Work

As a social worker, coach, and reiki master, I have taught many clients about awareness work. In practicing holistic spiritualism, one will have to become closely intimate with awareness work. It means knowing the difference between your Intention and the Universe’s intention. Obviously, some take a lifetime to realize this and it’s no wonder why we have ‘average life spans’ as those around you give in to the concept of death as an end. In working with elderly patients on an almost daily basis, I get the privilege to witness people in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s creating change in their life. I always leave this appointments realizing it’s never too late to teach change, or experience change. Some of these clients realize they are here for a bigger purpose, and they begin to, finally, live their life listening more to themselves than to others, and fear less, suffer less, and are guilt-less.

Coaching by a Spiritualist should feel like a better experience than your typical coaching or therapeutic session. A spiritualist Coach will encourage you to live more and shift your intentions into action. Probably the most frustrating thing i see on social media profiles is people continuing to suffer in their own doubt. They complain, they whine, they feel guilt and they write about their inability to focus, or produce, or are unable to find success. Social media, in its limited ability, will not give these people back what they need. Friends will encourage or discourage, judge or enable, relate or distant themselves. This is karma.

Here are some examples of how to create more awareness and have better karma:


create more awareness karmaarma


The Law of Action

Realize that self love, intentions, law of attraction or desires – all things I write about regularly – none of it happens without the Law of Action. As you create more awareness that is considered a first step. The next step is action. This is where most of you get stuck. You are not sure what action to take. You say to yourself or others, “I don’t know what my purpose is, where I am supposed to be really successful, how to make the most money or why I can’t find a loving partner.” You stop in disgust or fear or doubt or separate from Source and do not proceed with purpose. Your words are thrown out there in the Universe and you discover the Universe is reflecting back all of that to you. Thoughts cannot trump action. The Universe is always in charge.  Intentions are not just about you. Learn to work with the Universe a little more with trust and surrender.

self love karma

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