IIN Health Coach Training Online Program, Save $1,000 before the New year

Have you wanted to join IIN’s Health Coach Program Online but haven’t been able to make a decision? Well, it’s time to decide before 2014!   Make a commitment to yourself and your future by joining the largest holistic health school  in the world!   It is a decision I will never regret.  I have literally met hundreds of people through this amazing school and continue to be inspired by all of the top-notch Coaches that come out of this nutrition school.  Why join now?   Because you get $1,000 savings.

Choose Health Coaching as a Career
Choose Health Coaching as a Career

Do you want to start off 2014 with $1,000 more in your pocket?

Then, make a decision to join us!




Here are just some of the perks of going to this amazing nutrition school:

  • A nutrition book which is going to be updated for 2014!  An Ipad, DVD’s, water bottle, lavender heart pillow, and other holistic goodies!
  • Access to conferences and workshops for FREE
  • Affiliations and Certifications you can use for your professional use
  • A FREE website!
  • A vibrant, well-connected community (on Facebook and almost all social media outlets)
  • And, mentors, Ambassadors, a great Immersion program for business, and lots of health information at your fingertips that you will use for a lifetime!

Here is how to get started!   Call Coach Blair at (877) 730-5444 and tell her Cynthia Djengue (Jane-gay) sent you and she will hook you up and probably explain even more about our excellent school.   I hope you will also feel comfortable asking me any questions you may have!   If so, just contact me in the form below!

IIN Health Coaches
Cynthia Djengue and other Phoenix, AZ Holistic Health Coaches from IIN

Don’t forget to repost, tweet and share this blog post for any of your friends that you think may be interested!   I know that someone out there has been waiting to get their hands on this $1,000 discount!

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