How to Preserve your Energy – Self Love Sunday

How to Preserve your Energy, a Self love Sunday post

I talk a lot about Astrology here at the blog, and the energies have been heavy, lots of retrogrades which forces us to be clear and conscious about how and who you choose to be.  A New Moon arrives May 9th which should help you clarify, even further, just how comfortable you want to be, how deeply you want to manifest your desires, and the pleasure you want to experience while doing so. So, why is this all so exhausting??

Last night I sent out a newsletter to my mailing list and shared how small a heart space can be. I have been recently relishing in increased privacy, less exposure to unwanted others and desire to keep time and energy sacred. As I described in the newsletter, it is not that I do not want to help or spend time with others (since that is my calling), rather, consciously choosing who is let in to observe and share, those you and I want to break spiritual bread with.

I think our culture has become so accustomed to multi-tasking and information overloading that those sacred spaces are harder to find to seek answers without outside distraction, let alone inside distraction. I recently read a page in my Science of Mind book:

“Right mental treatment does not tire the one giving the treatment… [and] Personal magnetism has nothing to do with mental healing.”

I have been a Social Worker for more years than I have been a Reiki Master and Coach. I have experienced burnout more than once. In fact, I was reading back through some journals about being burnt out. I was. I had a toddler, was trying to prove myself on several committees, networking and forcing my abilities on others, like, Hey, look at me, I am really capable! In all of this activity I forgot what mattered most, which was my own joy, journey and pleasure. In fact, my husband at that time had also told me I was getting… boring. Boring?! Most of those who knew me at that time would never describe me as boring. But, boring could have just meant, you have lost your sense of who you are.

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When you are always trying to prove yourself you are going to eventually be boring – losing who you really are – and I want to remind you to be careful of this kind of boring. I have seen many people choose goals and careers or relationships simply to avoid certain perceptions – whether it’s being lazy, ordinary, tired, bitchy, selfish or demanding. Many of you reading this have done this. You can’t imagine living a life that others would consider something less than noteworthy.

Living a life that others understand is safe. But, living your life simply so that others understand creates an energetic fizzle. When you can’t express all of you and find yourself editing your desires and expressions so that others can always understand ends in mental cloudiness and heaviness. Tired? Yes. Burnt out? Yes. Is it all in the mind? Yes. So, now what do I do?

This is when people show up for help. They start having complaints about their thoughts and perceptions and these thoughts and perceptions turn into beliefs. The level of beliefs is when mental treatment is sought and Ernest Holmes outlines what happens in a treatment: “Treatment is the time, process and method necessary to the changing of our thought. Treatment is changing the thought of negation, of doubt and fear, and causing it to perceive the ever-presence of God.” This is, in essence, what energy work does too.

Transition these terms into your own life. It works no matter what your spiritual belief system. If the word God makes you uncomfortable, for instance, change that last part of the sentence with your own term… perceive the ever-presence of _________ (insert your own: Nature, the Universe, our Ancestors, Energy, Holistic Healing, Light, Spiritual Presence, the Most High, Higher Power, Higher Intelligence, etc.). It’s also important to add from the first quote that it’s not about the personal attractiveness, popularity, social media presence or level of degrees of the person giving the treatment. It is also true that it does not tire this person. It’s more about Energy.

You see, you know when you are on the wrong path when you are exhausted and still desire to increase multi-tasking or proving of yourself. You are doing perhaps the opposite of what needs to be done at times of uncertainty and mental cloudiness. Rather than filling your life and mind with more busy-ness, slow down and accept that your path is meant to cross with that of another’s whose sole purpose is to help you get back on your path.

Friends and family are some of those people in our life. Colleagues, teachers, mentors, spiritual leaders and others are also those that are in the position to send you messages about your purpose in this life. Your purpose is to express who you are, not who others want, say or ask you to be. On Self Love Sunday, I am here to remind you to relax into you.

The way to preserve your energy, you see, is to be confident and conscious, even when confronted with the pressures of external, and internal distractions. The mind apparently has anywhere from 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day and most likely many are repetitive, patterned erroneous ones. How do you get your mental treatment? How will you get back to who you really are?

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