Healing with the breath

Recognizing the need for healing

Many of us carry around hurts and pains, some of it comes along from the distant past and other times old wounds are opened.   Whether it’s a relationship hurt or an emotional problem you cannot seem to shake off, your response is valid. Pain is about perspective.

There are pain scales and emotional scales so that others can understand how serious our hurt is and try to understand it, but sometimes wounds are internal scars that cannot be seen as they appear to be cleared. Another sign of a stubborn wound is the awareness that this wound has spread to other parts of the body, other parts of life.

Why, you ask yourself, is it not possible for me to simply move on from this pain? It is this questioning, this depth of self-realization, that takes us towards wanting healing. It’s time to take a deep breath.

Breath wisdom from Yoga Experts

Much of the tantra and yoga I have participated in has taught me about breath. The breath helps us to focus and release. The Bhagavad Gita says that “It is thus said that the human breath knots the soul to the body. It is the process of exhalation and inhalation resulting from the two opposite spinal currents that gives man perception of the external world. The dual breath is the storm that creates form-waves (sensations) in the lake of the mind. These sensations also produce body consciousness and duality and thus obliterate the unified soul consciousness.”

Breath and consciousness are interlinked. Breath brings awareness. In another example, Deepak Chopra and Tara Stiles review breath, watch below:


As you see from the video, breath can assist with metabolism, increases balance, assists with insomnia, losing weight, enhances focus.  And, it can also greatly enhance sex.  This is what Tantric teachers all over the world have been teaching for decades, although the practice has been around for centuries.

Tantric and yogic sex breathing

David Deida is one of the most respected authors and teachers in tantra and yogic sexuality.  He discusses sexuality between the masculine and feminine which is inclusive no matter what your sexual preference.

Here is an excerpt from some of his writing which touches eloquently on his love for the subject:

“Love, or openness, is. You can practice opening just as you are. As you grow in your capacity to be openness, you can also grow in your capacity to do openness. Your body, mind, and actions—whether in dreams or while awake—can live more or less true to the love-openness that is their source.”  

Many women and men think too much during sex.

They are caught up too much in their performance and orgasm instead of breathing into their partner and opening up from their rightful masculine or feminine.  Osho, famous spiritual teacher and mystical guru, spoke openly about sexuality from 1960-1990.  You can actually find many videos with him speaking to audiences.  He talks about meditation during sex.  He encourages us to do belly breathing.

“Whenever you are afraid you stop breathing or you breathe very shallow, afraid to come nearer to death.  Deep breathing absorbs death into life, deep breathing creates a bridge between life and death; the fear disappears.  If you can breathe deep down to your belly, fear will disappear completely.”

How is this healing you ask?  Letting go and deep surrender during sex can create true intimacy as well as the sensation that you become ONE.  It can heal you of past lives, past hurts, unknown traumas, and move you towards more trust, self-confidence and heightened self-awareness when you are in the right atmosphere with the right partner.


Another way to practice healing breath is through meditation.  In my mid-twenties I began to learn the importance of breath.  I worked as a young social worker with HIV and AIDS patients and met a woman providing touch therapy or healing touch.  I went to some of the training classes and I found that breath was a way to center the self, clear the mind, and listen to a person’s body through intuition, silence, perhaps energy.

As years went on, I discovered a lot more about the necessity of breathing for meditation, mindfulness meditation was a practice I studied for some time.  Later I discovered Yogananda and others.   Whether you can sit down for 15 minutes or 15 days, meditation will assist you in gaining clarity.  It can start in childhood and you can start teaching your children simple methods at a young age.  It is important for college students.

Meditation is a sacred journal of the soul.   It is a place to visit and take notes, remembering, working through, and coming out on the other end having learned more about yourself.  Swami Rama instructs, “Meditation is very simple. It is simply attending. You can begin by attending to your breath, and then if a thought comes, attend to it, notice it, be open to it—and it will pass. Then you can come back to the breath.”  Meditation uses breath and breath provides the portal to awareness.

Breath as Life

It is not obvious how intrinsically necessary breath is to life until you have a problem with your breath – a respiratory infection, a chronic disease develops, or simply being out of shape in the lungs creates awareness of the loss of breath.  The inability to let breath flow causes a number of psychophysiological issues, but rather than focus on the results of losing breath, let’s focus on preventing the loss.  Why do persons lose their breath and the flow of breathing?   Losing breath can be a sign of toxic overload, and may it be time for a cleanse.

Shortness of breath can be related to anxiety, lack of sleep or insomnia, or a potential medical issue.  A holistic perspective about losing breath would also include a spiritual component.  “I can’t catch my breath” you might find yourself saying.   This is a sure message to slow down, take some downtime, and center yourself in the moment, asking honestly, “what can I take off my plate right now?”

A lack of breath causes death.   You must create a daily schedule, and a life, that helps your breath flow and strengthen.  Become centered.  Enjoy intimacy.   Become ONE with your Universe.

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5 Replies to “Healing with the breath”

  1. Wonderful! So simple yet so important. Thanks for the reminder to breathe! “create a daily schedule, and a life, that helps your breath flow and strengthen. Become centered. Enjoy intimacy. ” Namaste!

  2. Beautiful post! Breathing is something that we so easily take for granted. It is also such a great gage of our health. Like you stated, if we realize ourselves constantly in shallow quick breaths, there is usually something larger causing, whether it is caused by the mind, body, or spirit. Thank you for this reminder to be mindful of my breath!

  3. In today’s busy life, I use normal landmarks that I come across each day as a reminder to practice deep breathing…things like stop signs and red lights. Thank you for this reminder to pause our crazy lives and remember to breathe

  4. Seems like such a simple concept but so many neglect to do, myself included! Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

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