The healing sound effect. Self Love Sunday

Healing Sound Effect

Sound and music has been healing us for most of history. The healing sound effect has been noted by the didgeridoo of the Aborigines to the chants of Egyptians and, the vowel sounds of Tibetan monks. We also have African and Native American drumming as well as the gong of Asian culture. Music has been used to heal in churches, ceremonies, tribes and traditions.

Sound has vibration, which can be measured. In fact, many researchers have discovered that sound can change brain waves as well as relationships to energy. Energy then enhances healing.

The frequency of sound also has relationship to color and colors relate to the chakras.

When we discuss Reiki and Chakras with clients we often will suggest clearing or balancing chakras. One of the ways we can do this is with sound. Chakra is a sanskrit word for “wheel.” They could also be considered a vortex.

The moving wheel of the chakra, is an entry point to the various systems in our bodies. When we introduce sound to these wheels it is like introducing a pebble to a pond… the waves reverberate through the whole system and the system returns to balance. Just like water, our bodies (which are made up of 60% water) will return to balance.

The sound presented must be specific to the particular chakra. The chart below gives you an idea of this healing system.


There is so much to learn about the healing sound effect. We have an upcoming workshop for Healing the 5th Chakra with sound activation. We hope you can join us. Sign up Here.

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3 Replies to “The healing sound effect. Self Love Sunday”

  1. Very interesting stuff! Music is so beneficial to the body and soul, so it makes sense that the actual note would be as well. Being in balance is always important and this sounds like a great way to work towards total wellness. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have never tried anything like this, and… honestly, I have never heard about it. I know that in several places they use special sounds but I never thought it’s more than just helping relaxation. It sounds really interesting.

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