Gratitude Journaling. 2014 gratitude list

Gratitude Journal work is part of my spiritual practice, especially when it seems that there is not much to be grateful for.  Write your gratitude, feel your life change.  For instance, my daughter didn’t want to get up for school this morning.   It felt terrible to send her in her pajamas, crying, angry and wanting to exert her will.  But, I did this, in gratitude, learning a lesson, teaching a lesson, being grateful for the ability to live and teach lessons.  We can focus on the daily disappointments and sense our lives are somehow destined for pain and struggle, but all of it is beautiful.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
– Oprah Winfrey

Oprah actually made the Gratitude Journal well-known and perhaps enticed women all over the nation to begin a ritual of writing down daily notes before bed of what they are grateful for.  Another great journal teacher is SARK – who uses visual books to help you dance and bliss your way through writing.  And then there is Leonie Dawson, much like SARK, but much newer on the scene and focuses on the Goddess energy inside. Her new journal, Create your Amazing Life, has been flying off the shelves and I have my own copy in digital version, compliments of her team.  Lastly, there is the Desire Map, which encourages gratitude journaling and a Workbook that is useful in choosing how you want to feel as well as writing down in stream consciousness and soul focus.

So, here we go.  Let me take a look at the past year and let you know what I am grateful for.  I am headed into 2014 with much held gratitude:

Rest, relaxation, extra time with daughter, watching daughter learn in Kindergarten, helping daughter feeling more independent, stable health, getting closer to my sister, re-connecting with a younger brother, having a friend who shares babysitting, loving the books and resources I have gathered around me, spiritual resources, Michael Beckwith, essential oils, Marcella, Dallas, people who are generous, finding deals or discounts, getting new tires, discovering skills in coaching and teaching, having psychics refer to me, women who aren’t perfect, friends who support me during weakness, ex-husbands or boyfriends who recognize me – deeply, sunshine all year long, warm winters, seeing my Aunt, finding dedication to what matters, connections that make sense, developed WordPress site, Immersion with IIN, Joshua Rosenthal, knowing that I am making a SHIFT, moving ahead, comfortable bedroom, helping my daughter get dressed but being okay with her choices for clothing and comfort and letting her dress herself, finding balance in life and parenting, taking hot/cold showers, getting over a bad cold somewhat effortlessly, resisting relationships that aren’t necessary, keeping space for what and who matters, not feeling resentment about the past, being able to forgive, loving my Mama and having her alive, writing more and more, knowing that my daughter feels loved, hearing my daughter recite songs or math equations or life lesson, music, sexuality, tantra classes, new friends, lots of visits to parks and Childrens Museum, getting my daughter a new bike, learning new tools on the internet, MAC book has been good to me, car has been a great friend, earplugs and ocean waves help me sleep, a good mattress, natural cleaners, non-toxic home practices, socks, rose oil for my face, Young Living Oils, old colleagues to teach me why I left what I did, old friends to see how far I have come, pictures and photos to remember, and technology for keeping it all together and helping me to organize my thoughts, business, spiritual pursuits and life.

Practice writing as a way to get further into yourself and find what it is that may be hidden underneath what seems so disappointing in your life.

What's your BIG question in life?