Give what you most want to come back. Self Love Sunday

Give what you most want to come back…

Self Love Sunday.

In the interview with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle you hear the dialogue about with-holding. You need to give what you must want in order to be abundant, Oprah concludes. Acknowledge what is around you, it is gratitude, Eckhart says. With-holding isn’t possible in the Universe. What if the Sun withheld its light? Or Nature stopped nurturing us with life and renewal? Giving is not just a response, rather, giving is a self love strategy. It is one way you can have what you want, a practice that you want to develop and master.


Whether it’s in business or personal relationships, the more you hold back, the less you receive. You may have decided at some point that your strategy didn’t work, the strategy that was open, vulnerable, willing and committed. It happens. You were hurt, treated badly, got fired, did what you felt you could and found it wasn’t good enough. You stopped giving.

It’s not that you stopped to giving to others in itself, but also to yourself. That’s where the real harm is done. In this modern-day culture where everyone appears to expect more and pay less, where there are more choices and no loyalty to them or him or her, where we opt out more often than we dive in, it’s inevitable that you feel you have nothing left to give. No one else is either, it seems.

“I am not going to get hurt again,” you say. “I am not going to feel that way again,” you exclaim. You stopped giving or only give when you believe you are going to get back. Have you noticed how well that works? Feelings attract what you want. Thus, if ambivalence is the feeling, you receive indecisiveness and lack of attention. If you practice putting up walls, staying at home, and surrounded only by that which makes you comfortable, you are captive to your fears and what you are afraid of appears all too regularly.

Where do you need to radiate gratitude?

I have been a Michael Beckwith follower for many years. On a Sunday July 12th broadcast he discusses gratitude in the the same light. He preaches about the power of spiritual alchemy and sharing and giving all of you in the moment which causes you to SHINE in a way that you were meant to. Think about where you need to radiate and shine in life, because there’s no room for fear, which is what with-holding does.

Radiating gratitude is only going to bring you more of what you want.  It’s spiritual alchemy, according to Beckwith.

In your life, today, a practice of Self Love is to radiate gratitude. You are your own Sun, shining, always ready to give to the world. You don’t miss a day because the Universe is Energy and you were selected to participate. As the Sun, you continue to produce and don’t have time to complain about your purpose. Your purpose, you see, is giving more of you.


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8 Replies to “Give what you most want to come back. Self Love Sunday”

  1. Such a beautiful post, Cynthia. I love every word. It’s so important for people to realize the power and energy behind their own sunshine. When we give of our energy to others, we continue to fuel our own sunshine. This is such an important message to share – thanks for this post.

  2. This resonated so strongly with me … thank you for the loving reminder Cynthia 🙂 “Think about where you need to radiate and shine in life, because there’s no room for fear, which is what with-holding does.” So very true! xo

  3. I was raised as a christian, so I was always reminded to the golden rule (whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them) and I was an adult for a long time that I got so much more (back) than I deserve because I try to behave like this. And not because I expect anything but I realised after a while that it just happens. And I never wanted others to hold themselves back. But, honestly, it is always easier to tell than do so it is often my problem, too.

  4. This is so true and I meditate on it frequently. I always try to remember to be thankful for all I have, ask for the desires of my heart and trust God that he will give me more than I ask for if I’m open to it. It isn’t always easy, especially after being hurt, abused, and then alone. We have to be stronger, not let the past hold us back, and understand life can always be better than we can imagine.

  5. Great post and so true! When we live in gratitude, abundance, and giving, our needs are always met. There is always something to be grateful for and always enough. There is a fulfillment that can only be felt through the process of giving. I really liked how you talked about how some only give when they know it will be repaid, but giving without expectation is so much more beautiful. It isn’t score keeping, it is radiance, and it is much needed in the world!

  6. This is so true! I love the example you used of the sun withholding it’s light. It is so just like that with us. My mind immediately goes to when you are encouraging someone else and telling them to shine. Who doesn’t want to shine? But when we withhold, it is just like that. The “lack” mentality. I was just thinking about this last night actually. That when we fill the cups of others, reason would think it would deplete us, but it never does (as long as we are practicing self-care), it always comes back 10 fold. I am not quite sure how it works, but it really does. Outside of food, shelter, clothing, and human interaction, everything else in life is just a bonus and everyone has something to share, even if it is just a smile. Great post!

  7. Thank you for a beautiful post on gratitude. It’s always easy to be grateful in a light and happy mood. Coming up with a gratitude list, I feel is much harder in negative moods, which I need to work on. Michael Beckwith’s long hair is so distinct that I recognize him from The Secret, which I watched years ago when it first came out.

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