Full Moon, Solstice June 20, 2016

Full Moon, Solstice June 20, 2016


Monday, June 20, 2016

It’s a full moon in Sagittarius on Monday coupled with a Solstice. This is a fairly big occasion. A Solstice brings in a masculine energy and currently, a political energy. The Universe is pulling you into yourself. You might have found you have less interest in being overly social and find yourself settling comfortably into solitude. I should say that with a caveat. Those of you who are empaths, sensitive types, highly intuitive are feeling the above effects more.

Others will get caught up in competition, feeling passionate and combative. Actually, Sagittarius has been going through it for a while, as well as anyone with a Sagittarius rising since Saturn is transitioning your sign until December 2017. Many of you want to give things up, scale down and focus on what’s necessary. This is true for your home, your parenting style, your marriage or relationship and your career or business. You may have acted impulsively in the past and now learn of some of your personal truths. Did I act too fast, pull the trigger too soon?

full moon solstice june 20 2016

Here’s what you are being asked to look at. Am I willing to expand my consciousness? Can I see the deeper truth and purpose of my life? Am I willing to CHANGE my beliefs as I realize what’s before me & comes out of me does not represent the Truth?

Because of Venus in Cancer, Mars retrograde, square between Chiron and Uranus, and other influences emotions are sensitive and strong.

Some astrologers predicted violence during this month, some said it would be war and were correct. War in politics, a war between the people of the United States, a war in people who have internalized phobias, self-directed hate, which turns to hatred towards others.

Is the purpose to have a bigger gun? (Masculine energy is high)

Our world culture needs healing. Shooting someone with a gun, a drug or an ideology isn’t working. Issues of power, violence and Prejudice run deep.

What to do? Blow up your mind. Question everything. Be willing to see bigger, deeper, wider. You’re not right. You simply have beliefs and they desperately need a challenge.

Believe in the best possible outcome.

Keep loving yourself,

Cynthia, Mama Hummingbird

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