Full Moon Scorpio, April 2016

Ready for this Full Moon in Scorpio? April 2016

Scorpio full moon, retrograde Mars on Sunday, Venus in Aries, Saturn retrograde, Venus – Uranus conjunction, sun in Taurus.

Graphic Credit: Cafe Astrology
Graphic Credit: Cafe Astrology

The Scorpio Full Moon on April 21st with the Sun in Taurus is the powerful force of sexuality, power, and control and can be themed in relationships, sexuality, the feminine, intimacy and money/finances. I have been hearing these themes from clients, friends, and colleagues. An example is, where I have compromised myself and my integrity in order to feel more secure? Have I let myself be controlled or manipulated by another simply to feel more financially secure? Have I chosen relationships because I want to be taken care of? Scorpio will ask you to look at your shadow side. I have one, you have one. As conscious and spiritually aware as you may be, the Universe is going to reveal areas of vulnerability. Are there any secrets that are going to be revealed in your relationships or communication?

When you move through lunar transformational periods in your life often you will feel heavy emotion and perhaps a lack of sleep, increased food or alcohol intake, and a sense of helplessness which all leads to realization for change and insight. This is important. Surrender and patience is imperative to personal growth and change. This is what Taurus tells us. Taurus symbolizes money, comfort, abundance, security, patience, working steadily for the long term. You are asked to hold steady, time to slow down. Use less Aries energy and more Taurian patience.

Full Moon Scorpio April 2016

The message I have received the past two days is to slow down, even though the time is right for change. Financially it is possible you have been forced to slow down whether it has been your decision or someone else’s. Perhaps you are not getting enough clients, business goals feel unclear, jobs are scarce and no immediate release for sex or intimacy is in sight. The Universe is simply taking away options, asking you to be clear and in the Light. Don’t hide, says the Universe, tell us exactly what you want, otherwise, it’s not going to show up. The full moon wants to shine a light on all that you are hiding from yourself. It asks you to take action, but Taurus will help you do it methodically, with more patience, with more love.

My guess is that you have let life – whether career or relationships – happen to you much of the time and are now feeling the after-effects of that. You may now surrender to the recent “blow up” in some way, completely tearing down comfortable structures and what you knew to be reliable and safe. You find yourself asking why you are doing what you are doing, or why you are with the person you are with. Scorpio asks the deeper why-questions. It’s so necessary for your growth and forward movement.

I also am going to assume that change is happening in your life, more so in the background, and that’s fine. It’s okay to change yourself, your business, your website, your partner, your hair or your residence if it feels right for you. A lot of people I know are getting rid of stuff, have felt like downsizing and are re-arranging their business or their life, moving offices, moving out, moving away. Steady and slow may work better than sudden and fierce.

There is some relief after passing through Aries who does everything impulsively and fearlessly and doesn’t necessarily think about the long term. Taurus is more about courting the right business partner or love relationship for as long as it takes. This is good energy for those of you about to embark on something new, or in the works. Otherwise, it’s not wise to start something brand new right now. This energy supports re-working something from the past, fine tuning it. Again, this can relate to business/career or intimacy/relationships. Don’t be surprised if people from the past show back up in a new role in your life.

Another reason to slow down is Mercury Retrograde. I have spoken about Merc Retro before but it is time for review, renew, revise, revisit. Your big Aries plans may have to take it down a notch, as well as your tone. Carefully choose words and impulses. Try to focus on ONE THING AT a TIME.

Let’s not ignore the intense sensuality, sexuality and intimate feel of this Moon and surrounding planets. It is feminine, powerful and spiritual. Pure Goddess energy. People sometimes get confused about what a Goddess is as it seems so far removed from the experiences of everyday life for women. Women are not often treated as Goddesses in our culture as pay structures, domestic violence, sexual violence and other inequalities prevent them from feeling worshiped and adored. Women, you need to experience this from within, and the men or business partners you choose need to reflect this. The only way to raise up the Goddess and feminine energy in the world in every word, thought and deed is to treat yourself like a Goddess and don’t settle for less from those around you.

In my Coaching I often attract a lot of women struggling with feeling worthy as they have had past trauma, current relationship problems, or are tired of the obvious inequalities and lack of abundance in their lives. I often encourage Reiki work to support balancing the energies, working on root and sacral, or solar plexus chakras, depending on the client. I also encourage them to RECEIVE. Receive love, gifts, sex, intimacy, friendship, compliments, and

Goddess Cynthia feminine astrology

As a gift to yourself at this Full Moon do something sensuous and pleasurable to the senses. I often use essential oils, candles, sage, cards at these moons (it’s also Beltane/Wesak for you Buddhist and Pagan enthusiasts), along with great music. Prince died today so I am having a reunion with his songs like U make my Sun Shine:

Come right down here, baby, sit your ass down on this throne…

In this trusting place you can erase
Every tear that ever rolled down your weary face
All the time you waste in that paper chase
Is time better spent in these arms of mine
Heaven sent angel so divine
You’re my complement
U make my sun shine
U make my sun shine at night


Prince himself referred to himself as “The Symbol” and seemed to comfortably embody the masculine and feminine in his music, politics, and style.  He was a Gemini sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Ascendant – that’s a powerful punch of masculinity and sexuality with depth. My male readers, I ask you to support the divine feminine Goddess by giving, gifting, supporting and loving your women, or same sex partners, whomever is the masculine vs. feminine. You don’t have to be Prince, no one can compare, sorry. (insert wink).  Here’s an amazing story about Prince.

I end this with asking you to keep loving yourself. It’s an interesting time and honestly, it could be a little rough for the next couple of months. You are getting a bit of a breather, being asked to slow down, focus and be patient. You are encouraged to discover your feminine power, embrace your sexuality and sensuality and receive more. Chasing down the goals, dreams, contracts and relationships is exhausting. Stay present, go within, exercise some vulnerability while feeling empowered and loved. Enjoy this full moon.

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